Thursday, May 29, 2008

little weaver

I've been working on a little something that you might want to do at home with your child/children. I made a simple loom for weaving textiles with mixed age groups. This is ideally for 4-6 year olds and up...but my 3 year old had fun "weaving" in her own way, without any rules of OVER and UNDER evenly.
-recycled cabinet door or large picture frame
-duct tape(one of my favorite household supplies)
-strips of fabric, ribbon, yarn, anything long and flexible

1. Tape one end of yarn to the top back corner of the door.

2. Wind yarn around the door vertically every inch or so.
3. Make sure yarn is taute and secure a long strip of tape to the top of the door (holding the yarn columns in place) all along the back.

4.Cut strips of fabric, ribbons, etc. to be about 8 inches longer that the door is wide. (I had a request for specific colors...but the bright and bold works well too.)
5.Demonstrate to your child how each strip goes in and out...over and under.

Leave this out as an evolving art piece. Keep a basket of interesting materials right next to the loom. Fabric can be pulled out and used again. This is a very open-ended activity....definitely more about the process than having a finished product. If your child does complete it and want to save it, you can cut the yarn and tape the ends under or even sew a hem around all sides...put your weaving neatly in a frame or hang it on the wall with all its raw ends exposed and dangling. This is a wonderful solitary activity, but it's also a great opportunity to practice taking turns...maybe a sibling collaboration...or a family weaving!

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  1. What a fun idea! I really like the idea of a family weaving. It might be a way to get my husband involved in our "projects"!