Thursday, May 1, 2008

it's a boy!

My new nephew was born yesterday afternoon! He's healthy, huge and happy! We are all so excited! I'm putting out a package in today's mail. I had to make a baby elephant, of course. I used blue felted cashmere that I had been saving for him. It's so incredibly soft , I can barely stand it! I'm including some fun things "to do" for his big sister. I think it's always important to include a gift for a sibling and why not make the new parents life easier by making it something that will keep them busy during the crazy first few days. Interactive sticker books by Dover are always a good bet. Depending on the older child's age, I also like to give a quiet activity that can lacing cards or stringing beads.
Happy Birthday little one! Pin It


  1. what a sweet elephant. i hope to try my hand at making stuffed toys one day, but for now, i have a quilting project that i have neglected for months now.

    anyway, just passing through and letting you know that i`m glad you found me and i am adding you to my bloglist too :)

    Lookin' forward to getting to know you!


  2. I loved your quilt..great combo of fabrics. Thanks for stopping in!:)