Saturday, April 5, 2008

ohdeedoh contest

, the children's site of Apartment Therapy, is having a contest. Now You See it, Now You Don't is the name of Apartment Therapy and Cookie magazine's Spring contest on children's storage. Did somebody say CONTEST? How could I not enter?!! I think I've become a contest maniac these days, and this latest one is just so much fun. There are three categories to choose from (clothing, toys, and entryway) and only ONE design per household....oh, the injustice of it all. Of course, I had way too many ideas. I chose one to focus on, but I might try to execute a couple of them over the next few months.
I've been working on my concept all week and I'll give a preview tomorrow when I send in my entry. Here's my idea: a bucket wall to help organize my three year old daughter's accessories and some clothing. What 's a bucket wall? Check back tomorrow for visuals. I took a vintage screen window frame from an architectural salvage store, some fabric, paint, wire and lots of galvanized buckets and am almost finished transforming it. I decided to re-vamp my daughter's room as well. I 'll try to get some pix up tomorrow after the photo shoot. Here are some of my supplies (I chose the larger black screen):

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  1. The project is looking really promising. You could be a contender! And what is that nice fabric that I can just gllimpse in the bucket? Can't wait!