Monday, April 28, 2008

mod podge to the rescue!

If you've ever used Mod Podge for a crafty endeavor, you are probably already a fan. If you are wondering what on earth it is, I urge you to try it for your next project involving glue. Mod podge bonds paper and fabric beautifully to most surfaces. In fact, modpodgerocks is an entire blog dedicated to the wonders of this great sticky stuff, and it just featured my Amy Butler lamp revamp from earlier this month in my Bucket Brigade post.

I used Mod Podge as an economical alternative to stretching fabric over a canvas frame. Mama Goose's, Kelly wanted to use three fabric samples to create some interest and texture to a hallway wall (in her soon to open new store site). We are doing everything on a shoestring and the traditional way, with three canvases, would have added up. Instead, I bought 3 foam core boards and cut them to size with an exacto knife.

Next, I spread an entire side with original Mod Podge (don't use the "for paper" kind...fabric doesn't work well with it). I stretched the fabric out on the board and smoothed out any bubbles. The back is glued down, as well, with trimmed corners. When it dries it tends to warp in a bit...weight it with heavy books over night, if this happens. Get creative with how you hang it on the wall. I'm going to try clear duct tape and a thin picture frame wire...after all, they each weigh next to nothing. This fabric is going to look great on its freshly painted taupe wall. What a fun and inexpensive way to display your favorite fabric!

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