Wednesday, April 9, 2008

buckets o' grass

It's finally feeling like Spring in upstate New York! I've been growing these gorgeous buckets of grass for a new Mama Goose window. They seem about ready for a "mow". These galvanized steel buckets hold a hefty 12 quarts and I was worried about how heavy they would be filled with soil. I also wanted to be able to use them later on for storage and not have to clean out a bunch of mud. Solution: I used an inexpensive plastic insert (found in a garden center) with almost the same diameter and cut it to size. Can you believe that there are only two inches of soil at the top of the bucket?! They are very light and easy to relocate by the handles. I'm really quite passionate about buckets!

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  1. I love this dose of spring! Check out She is growing grass (not that kind) as well. She's Elsita's blog friend and a very inspiring blogger and crafter.

    Email or call when your projects get posted, if I don't see them first!