Wednesday, March 26, 2008

sew green contest

The same weekend that I entered the Design Sponge DIY contest, I entered Sew Green's Green T ReFashion Design Contest. I had fantasized about entering this contest for years, and this seemed like the right time to dive in!

I was now designing for two contests simultaneously, after never entering anything in my life. It did make me question my sanity more than once! Chaos ensued as our entire house was turned upside down to become my temporary studio.

The Challenege: design something from reused cottonT's, denim or other cotton fabric. Sew Green wanted to bring attention to:

"The ubiquitous T, icon of fre
edom and self-expression, is not the benign item it appears to be. Conventional cotton is the most toxin-intensive fiber on earth. It requires 1/3 pound of pesticides and herbicides to produce the cotton used in a typical t-shirt, and about 3/4 pound of toxins for the average pair of conventional denim blue jeans. Dyes and finishing add more toxic chemicals. " -Sew Green

So what did I come up with? I took a pair of striped jeans from Salvation Army, a pair of my old jeans, and a vintage pillowcase then started cutting. I love taking adult clothes and refashioning them into creative outfits for babies and children. I designed an ensemble for a size 6-12 mos. old: kimono jacket, booties and elephant.

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  1. I am still drooling over this ensemble! It makes me smile and I would feel so good to have my baby wear it (too bad my "baby" weighs almost 40 pounds now!).

  2. are sew creative! Very exciting....xox willow

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  4. Here I am leaving the same message again and again because I thought it wasn't working!

  5. are so exciting.I love this stuff.xo willow