Monday, March 24, 2008

diy kids table and chair instructions

My entry for this year's Design*Sponge DIY Contest was a child's table and chair set made from a contractor-grade cardboard tube. I'm happy and proud to say that I made it to the top 20. I was among some wonderfully talented folks. Thought others might want to try it themselves...

-6 foot cardboard tube (12"diameter)...these heavy-duty tubes are used for concrete molds and are found at any building supply store.
-2 foam cylinders 12"Hx12"D
-1 to 2 yards fabric
-4 16 in. cardboard cake discs

-1 16 in. pizza pan
-bias tape
-white duct tape

1) Cut tube to size -Using a craft blade or sharp knife(my bread knife made the cleanest cut), cut a 16 inch height table base. -Next, design chairs. I made the front a 10 inch height that curved gently around to 18 inches.

2) Assemble table top with cake discs.
-Glue four discs to one another. -Weight them with a heavy book until dry.

3) Paint all cardboard pieces with two coats of your color choice in a semi-gloss acrylic paint.

4) Make cushions while the paint dries. -I used a great cotton jersey knit that I had gotten used from our fabulous local sewing resale shop Sew Green. -I created a simple pattern by tracing the 12 inch foam tube onto the fabric with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. I made two circles and attached them two a tube made from a rectangle that was 37x12 inches. -Create a hemmed 54 inch by 2 1/2 inch strip in coordinating fabric to finish the table top.

5) Assemble the set.
-Stuff cushions into the chair -Attach cake discs to table base with duct tape.
White tape on white paint virtually disappears!
-Use a hot glue gun to attach fabric strip to your table top side. Add bias tape if desired. -Set pizza pan directly on's removable for clean-up!

6) Have a little friend over for

When it's outgrown, the cardboard can be recycled, the cushions reused, and the pizza pan...make a pie!
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  1. Love the fabric! Maybe I'll make my own "adult version!"

  2. Amazing design!! Check out the wide range of Kids Table Chair Sets from

  3. This is so clever!! What a unique and creative idea!