Sunday, March 23, 2008


I come from a long line of makers. I was born in a house my grandfather designed and built. It happened to be the first solar-heated house on Long Island, back in 1947! My mother taught me early on that it was far more satisfying to make something yourself than to go out and purchase it. DIY was her middle name! She made my clothes. She built the furniture in my room. She created wild and whimsical toys. Then my mother gave me the best gift of all; she put a sewing needle in my hand, she kept an easel with my paints ready at all times, and she even made me a little workbench out of wooden fruit crates. Ahh, the good ol' 70's!

Fast forward to the present. I'm a busy, stay at home mother of two wonderful children and a partner to a very busy, loving husband. Did you catch the double "busy" part. I've aways managed to weave in a project related to my family and friends, whether it was knitting a pair of mittens to whipping up birthday aprons. There always seem to be so many more ideas than hours in the day. I used to scribble them endlessly into my idea books; sharing them with anyone who would listen, and hoping that one day there would be time and space to execute them. Little did I know, that day was just around the corner. I was about to re-invent myself as maya*made, maker and designer. This blog will be my vehicle to share and hopefully inspire others through my journey.

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  1. Hi Maya !
    I can't believe this post never got a comment ! (just like MY 1st blog post !) Our blog community is such a better place since you started blogging, you are so ressourceful. I'm glad to know more about you everyday you post something new.
    I wish I had had such a creative & handy mom. My mom is crafty, but she never taught it me to be. Of course then, I had to teach myself, but I would be at a higher level, and probably would be different now, too. Oh well.
    Just wanted to leave a little paw print here & say how much I love you & your blog. oxoxox

  2. I love to find blogs then go back in 'time' to read the history and see all the projects that have collected over time. I was so upset when I saw I'd reached the 'beginning' of your wonderful blog! When I'm a 'grown up' I want to raise my kids like you and plant a meadow!!! Thanks for keeping such a great blog!

  3. i think you'll eventually find us curious wanderers here who like to go digging back to the beginning of blogs. i'm another one :)

    it's always nice to see where things started, though really, there's always a story before the story really begins. and it seems like you and your family are deeply rooted in the handmade tradition.

    i'd say you've kept true to your intentions: to share and inspire others through your journey.

    i've enjoyed reading through your posts and will be back again to read more.

  4. To all of you that come back to the beginning... thank you, thank you so much! It continues to be a wonderful and wild journey, and I forget to come back and look at the starting place until I get a nudge from one of these lovely comments.