Thursday, January 15, 2015

the paper playhouse

A light hearted energy has landed in my home this week and with it came a desire to play. Katrina Rodabaugh's new book, The Paper Playhouse (Quarrybooks), arrived just in time!
 It's filled with children's projects using recycled paper, boxes and books. This focus makes me happy for all of the obvious green reasons, but also for utilizing materials that are so easy for kids to find around the house... and for their parents to gratefully hand over to them for experimentation and creativity.
 There are plenty of perfect invitations for parents to collaborate with their younger children around craft, creativity and imaginary play. Lots of the projects can be made independently by an older child. In the back there is an extensive gallery of paper artists and their work for further inspiration. Just a few of the many below. And YES those are my newspaper and sewing pattern flowers! So happy to be included here with such a great group!
Congratulations Katrina! What a lovely book to share our kids!

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  1. Thank you, Maya! So honored to share these pages with you. xoxo

  2. I love this book, too, Maya! Your flowers are awesome. We played at it last week (which I blogged about here: and my kids were BIG fans! I'm thinking we'll be doing another project today after school!! Looking forward to it already!