Wednesday, January 9, 2013

the story

 I loved getting this video in my inbox yesterday! You've heard me gush on about Creativebug. The reason? The people. The talented artists and crafters that are featured are matched by a stellar team of fellow artists that work behind the scenes to make magic. This new video gives a peek into that backstory, from how and why it was founded to who holds the camera... and some glimpses of how fun it is to work with all of them. I make a cameo appearance about 2 minutes in. Just the thing I needed to make me giggle, as well as remember how incredible last November was. 

So grab a cup of something, take a 5 minute breather, and enjoy! 

Now, I'm all fired up to go make something... maybe a little passionate burlap crafting! Ha!
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  1. Wow, that must be the perfect job! They look like they really enjoy their work too.
    Thanks for the inspiration Maya!
    ~ joey ~

  2. Love you... and that they captured you so well! (Cute nose wrinkle at the beginning and all!)

  3. So fun to see the streets of San Francisco - a week ago we were there. Now we're back in France. Big small world! Ok off to find my sewing project!

  4. I just joined! Thank you for introducing me :)

  5. Love seeing you ... were you wearing certain black garment in your segment? I sense that frisky, subversive wild woman I met at Squam becoming stronger and more dominant! (and Jenny Doh jumping rope?!) ... oh my, what dangerous roads will you have me traveling down? Passion and burlap? My pulse is quickening, my scissors at the ready! Me thinks my home will be covered in quilted/embroidered/knitted/felted/painted goodness! xo

  6. Beautiful dream job. So many nice people.....would love to meet them all. I love Art, design, everything......