Tuesday, January 8, 2013

january bouquet


I need my home to be filled with flowers even in the coldest months. Perhaps even more in the depth of winter. I plant them, and I also make them. I made a paper bouquet that I thought you might enjoy. It's super easy, just in case you want to make one yourself. They grow faster than my paper whites and last forever.


-First, make a handful of recycled paper flowers* following these instructions.
-Then, head outside and gather some delicate bare branches to stick in a vase.
-Finally, stick the end of the branches into the center of the flowers.


* This batch of flowers has been around the block and back... they're the originals that were featured in magazines and have decorated my table at craft fairs. Your own fresh batch will be bouncier, but you know me... I like the story these ones hold. Not like you ever heard me say that before! wink*wink*
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  1. I can't part with any of my pattern pieces so it's off to the thrift store to get a cheap pattern!! The flowers look great, the tute makes it look easy so I will give it a try!!! thank you!!

    1. Our thrift store has a bin of patterns, too. Also check small local fabric stores. They often get rid of out of date/season patterns. A friend who worked at ours gave me a whole box once!

  2. Fun, and when you get tired of them, you can recycle them into the garden compost and make some more! Or in my case with my five dog household, when they get full of dust!!! xox

  3. so cool! Thank you so much!