Monday, December 3, 2012

winter map and child*made gifts

Peppermint cocoa stirrers for the first night! 
I'm so grateful that December has swept in with the beautiful traditions my children and I adore. This means that we have some serious guideposts for the month ahead. I love having a map with clear directions, don't you? It began on the first day- we aren't allowed to raid the attic for holiday treasure (decoration) boxes until then.  I think I enjoy the moment we lift off the lids of stored memories  almost as much as Christmas. Was it bittersweet this time- of course, but let's not dwell there. The kids were able to choose which count-down calendar we'd use, and the first evening was filled and celebrated with simplicity and ease. Peppermint cocoa stirrers got things off to just the right start.
Put out our basket of winter holiday books and now we're all being treated to a read aloud while muffins bake. #sundaygoodness #wintermagic
The second day of December was welcomed in with a basket of winter books and some baking. In the afternoon my daughter and I began sewing our teacher (and grandma) gifts at our craft table Ithacamade. The wool trivets and coasters from Reinvention are the greatest canvas for child embroidery. Truly!  If you're looking for handmade projects for your children to make in multiples, this might be the answer. Small embroidery on their part... quick machine finishing on yours (or theirs if they are more experienced). A hand made mug and some tea or a coffee and your set. For the coasters we used only two layers of wool and she embroidered the top layer so that the knots and backside were hidden in the center. Gold embroidery thread makes a great sparkly star. This was a happy accident when the knotted end went on top. Instead of pulling it out, my daughter trimmed and fluffed the ends and voila!

Sweet child made gift idea- read more in today's post. Going up soon...
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  1. So sweet Maya I love the child with a book and the cat with a pouf! xox

  2. Great idea. Early sewing skills and handmade giving to boot! :)

  3. Thanks for reminding me about your trivets - perfect fairly quick gifts.
    Wishing you much joy.

  4. I love your "Countdown" Calendar! What a wonderful idea, I think we will do something similar when my little ones are old enough to understand "time".

  5. Amazing gift fun as offered to you by these wonderful hampers loaded with lots of food stuffs and offering you with food and drinking delight at

  6. I love the idea of using toilet paper rolls for your countdown calendar! I may make one of these belatedly tomorrow!

  7. Splendid embroidery you did there! :) Every date counted from that calendar is always something to look forward to until Christmas. Happy Holidays!