Monday, December 10, 2012

for the tree

We're in full holiday swing around here!  My children and I harvested our tree and pulled out the decorations yesterday.  We covered it with little stories and tokens from all three of our childhoods!  It's fair to say that more than half of the ornaments are handmade by one of us. I unwrapped this festive red garland and took a double-take.

 Did I make these? I believe I did in the blur of last December's stitching! Perhaps I even blogged about it, but since my memory is failing me, I thought you might like a refresher too. Here's a walk through on how to make this simple bit of wool magic:

Spend an evening by the fire or in front of a movie cutting out circles of wool using this tutorial. Then set your sewing machine to a decorative or straight stitch. Feed each disc through and keep the machine stitching for a about 1/2 an inch before you feed in the next. Keep this going until your wools runs out. Store it wrapped around a toilet paper tube to minimize any tangling and head aches next year. I was so pleasantly surprised to discover it neat as could be and just waiting to dress up our tree.

I made a new linen ornament for this year. Here's a glimpse... 

I loved it so much that I made a bunch more! They'll be available in my first shop update in eons on Wednesday. 12/12/12 seems like a great day to put some holiday gifts on my etsy shelves. More details coming up!
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  1. We decorated our tree yesterday too. I love that feeling of re-discovering forgotten ornaments - even when they're so familiar and have been loved for years. We have a lot of handmade ornaments too (from now on I will think of them as tokens - love that!) and I always like to make something new each year. Hope I remember to come back and buy one of yours on Wednesday!