Tuesday, December 11, 2012

for the night owls

I've always loved owls. My grandparents had owl art in their bedroom, and I grew up associating dreams and sleep with these magical birds. As an adult, I have never been anything but a night owl. Recently they've been coming to me with a message. In fact, a barred owl swooped in front of me so suddenly a few weeks ago I knew it was time to listen to the specific wisdom it seemed to be sending my way. Sleep more. My mind is so restless at night that I have a hard time shutting down and turning off the lights. I often joke about being nocturnal. I know quite a few mamas that are in this same boat, not to mention all of the restless children out there that can't settle down for a good winter's nap. We all need our sleep and are becoming a culture that is increasingly more sleep deprived each passing night.

I have deep faith in the effectiveness of the organic lavender sleep pillows that I make. I thought carving the symbolic image of a night owl finally getting sleeeeeeeepy would double the medicine for any wakeful wonderers.

New Sleepy owl is headed for my stash of linen tonight.
Yesterday I had one more late night and printed this sweet fellow on handkerchief weight linen and stuffed it with 99% organic lavender and 1% ecofill for a soft little head. The organic twill tape makes a nice spot for hanging on a nail by a bedside... but I'm sure it will mostly be snuggled under a pillow easing us all into sweet dreams.

Owl details. Almost done. Sleepy owl lavender pillow for all night owls out there! Details on my blog... This one its friends will be available  tomorrow in my shop update.
I'll have a dozen available tomorrow at my 12/12/12 shop update along with soft camera ornaments and  printed eco-notebooks.
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  1. so wonderful!
    i love owls, too... well, anything with feathers really.
    your little guy is so cute!


  2. What a sweet and peaceful image. Did you carve him yourself? I'm definitely more of an early bird than a night owl :).

  3. Dear Maya,
    I so totally understand you, about nocturnal habits (2 a.m. here right now) and the need of sleep (but I have learned to allow myself a full night of sleep when I need it). Nonetheless, when I am restless and cannot fall asleep in spite of tiredness, I say a prayer that I have learned through a chain of friends. I am translating it from Spanish, but you will probably find better words for it: "I ask and order my mind, that tonight it connects to a vibration of peace and profound rest". I repeat it a couple of time and IT WORKS! My ten years old child also has learned to say it when it is hard for him to relax and fall sleep. I hope it will work for you as well, it is so easy and nurtures a sense of trust in the Universe...


  4. The magic of a lavender pillow..aah! When my daughters were younger, bedtime was a struggle. They share a room so it was a challenge at times to get both to sleep. I made heart shaped lavender and rice pillows that I would heat up, the scent was wonderful. After doing some bedtime yoga they would place the hearts over their eyes and drift off to sleep faster than I could leave the room. We still do this ritual from time to time, when our thoughts keep us from winding down. I love your sleepy owl pillow!

  5. she is soooo sleeepy, she makes me smile soooo bright:)) Maya, You are an Artist, You know:)

  6. Beautiful words, Maya.

    On a side note, is there a stencil carving tutorial that I've overlooked? I'd love to learn the basics. :)

  7. I love the sleepy wise old owl. I view the owl as others might view the "sandman" a beautiful creature that ferries you to the dream world...

  8. I can relate... This owl is adorable!

  9. I love this Owl - did you create the stamp on your own? I'd sure love to have this cutie.



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