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Monday, March 17, 2014

coming soon!

I will be having my first shop update at the end of the week. My secret hope is that if I make enough spring loveliness for the first day of this much anticipated season, it will melt the snow just a little faster.   One can hope!

Stepping outside into the 20 degree sunshine to take this picture, there were buckets and buckets of blue skies and birds singing joyfully. Perfect encouragement to go sew some more! There will be feathers, birds and lots of linen, for sure.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12/12/12 sale!

sale owl

Come on by my shop at noon when the shelves start filling up... and then help me EMPTY them! I'll have a lovely assortment of printed and stitched goods, many of them will only be $12. Each one is made by me just for you (or someone you love). I'll also have signed copies of  Reinvention 12% off. It's going to be fun! Prices are subject to change after today, the 12th, so seize the moment!

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Monday, December 10, 2012

for the tree

We're in full holiday swing around here!  My children and I harvested our tree and pulled out the decorations yesterday.  We covered it with little stories and tokens from all three of our childhoods!  It's fair to say that more than half of the ornaments are handmade by one of us. I unwrapped this festive red garland and took a double-take.

 Did I make these? I believe I did in the blur of last December's stitching! Perhaps I even blogged about it, but since my memory is failing me, I thought you might like a refresher too. Here's a walk through on how to make this simple bit of wool magic:

Spend an evening by the fire or in front of a movie cutting out circles of wool using this tutorial. Then set your sewing machine to a decorative or straight stitch. Feed each disc through and keep the machine stitching for a about 1/2 an inch before you feed in the next. Keep this going until your wools runs out. Store it wrapped around a toilet paper tube to minimize any tangling and head aches next year. I was so pleasantly surprised to discover it neat as could be and just waiting to dress up our tree.

I made a new linen ornament for this year. Here's a glimpse... 

I loved it so much that I made a bunch more! They'll be available in my first shop update in eons on Wednesday. 12/12/12 seems like a great day to put some holiday gifts on my etsy shelves. More details coming up!
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Friday, September 30, 2011

sneak peeks and updates!

shop update
How can it already be the last day of September? Well, when you pack a month with out of town guests, school beginnings, art workshops and a fair (and the prep and sewing that precede them), milestone birthdays, and the editing adventures of your first book... well, it does seem to fly by in a blur. October has been nearly glowing beneath the pages in my calendar, and when I turn the page tomorrow I expect I may even here trumpets blowing and glimpse a fireworks display! October is filled with so much excitement: happy and long awaited announcements, my biggest bucket giveaway,  and a new pattern... that will be FREE! Oh yes, and there will be my first shop update in far too long. Not a huge one, but
I have several beatiful items that I brought back from the Squam Art Workshops that will be for sale in my etsy shop at noon EST on Tuesday October 4th. If you've ever wanted one of my burlap buckets I'll have three or four with gorgeous typography. I also have one left of the large natural ones that's made from a favorite thrift score- a heavy linen/hemp blend fabric. It's easy care (washable) and would make a great addition to a natural/green nursery. Along with  a few garlic sacks, you'll have the makings of some very nice early holiday shopping! There will be other items too... notebooks and banners. These two banners have traveled with me to June and Fall Squam and both times they've  hung in my workshops. They have been infused with creative energy and I would like to make  them available to someone who not only finds the words inspiring, but wishes to have a little bit of that Squam magic in their home! So have a great fall weekend folks... I'll see you in October!
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Thursday, December 9, 2010

shop update

Well, hello there! I always forget how long it takes to list new items on Etsy, but Mr. Cardinal is right:  "slowly and steadily" I've been adding new items to my shop. It always feels so good to have some fresh stuff in there! Yippee! If I can, I'll add a few more little bits later on, but for now I've come to the end of my ability to sit in front of this computer screen! Time for stretching, some lunch, and then packing up a few of the buckets that already slipped away. I included a few photos here of some new junior journals and this burlap envelope I just love. You'll find them and much more right here. Have a great day... the weekend is just around the corner!
update portfolio
update port

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

late night sneak peek!

Well, it's quite the late edition, but here's a little advanced look at some of what will be in the shop tomorrow at midday. Several (8x10) prints have just arrived and more may follow... The barn, embrace and bird photo were big requests... the eggs are just a personal favorite and would look so perfect in a kitchen. And guess who gave me that lovely collection of eggs from long ago? Kate from Woolen Moss! Oh, and please ignore the December lighting I shot this montage in... the actual photos are bright and beautiful!
8x10 prints

I'll have several buckets of various styles and sizes (including, but not shown, a good ol' WIP)...

burlap and lace
buckets in a row
linen scissor bucket

I'm having a fantastic time putting together a holiday paper pack. Printing, punching, and recycling... love it! Each pack will contain at least 2 of everything shown below and maybe even a surprise or two. All tags are made from paper bags, kraft paper, envelopes, mailers, and cereal/cracker boxes with craft punches or hand cut by me. They'd make lovely present toppers but are sturdy enough to hang from a tree.
paper pack : a sampling
There will  be a return of the cardinal on some moleskines and a few other assorted items I think you'll enjoy. See you at the shop! Pin It

Monday, December 6, 2010


shop update
A winter shop update is in the works for Thursday. Returning favorites will be joined by some fresh offerings that I'm super excited about! I'll share sneak peeks on Wednesday. Oh, how I love this time of year! Happy day to you all... Pin It

Monday, September 20, 2010

shop update

Today is vastly different than yesterday. The skies are blue, the sun is shining abundantly (as predicted), and I'm embracing the turning of the season with a smile,some more baking on my mind, and the  first shop update I've had in months. I wish I could have made more... I always feel that way. So many ideas, and never enough time. You feel that way, too I'm sure. Well, we'll keep writing our lists together.

In the meantime, I'm happy to welcome you over to check out a few new items in my shop. Pin It

Sunday, September 19, 2010

autumn pillows

w pillows
Just a little reminder that I'll be adding a few new items to my shop tomorrow at 11 am EST. This morning I went in search of light that would show the true rich colors of these autumn pillows. After marching them through the field and back, it was evident that the best ones were shot inside. Humph. I decided to include an atmospheric one anyway so you can see our season's change. I'm loving these sturdy linen pillow slips featuring color blocks in plum, slate and dark chestnut. Two embrace a bit of that tatting lace from Madison Bouckville. The third has a center square of pleated plum. Each is a stand alone pillow, but would love to be nestled together as a set. More pictures coming when I list everything on Etsy. Enjoy your Sunday and see you tomorrow!
shop update 2
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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Reinvention Skirt! PDF now available!

reinvention pdf
Finally! It's now available in the shop right here.

 reinvention skirt pdf now available!
...and here are two of my favorites you haven't seen, yet... they can easily be sized down for little girls, too.

reinvention skirt with swallow

reinvention skirt with "ribbons"
And now I'm ready for my next project... lots on the list! Happy day to you! Pin It

Friday, June 11, 2010

shop update

shop updateI've just put up a few new things in my shop. Only two buckets for now... more to come.
large bucket
small bucket
Do you remember these lemons?
It's now available to one of you... along with two other tea towels I love.
ginkgo in black

garlic and onions

These organic baby t's are just so soft:
rose swallow
blue swallow
rose bunting
Hop on over to check it all out... right here.  Happy weekend friends! Pin It

Thursday, May 20, 2010


ginkgo moleskine
I have so many new ideas I would love to be sharing with you today, but I'll  have to file them away for another time. I'm up to my ears in sewing and making for two separate wonderful ventures. The first: I keep hinting at, but it's still in the hushed and very busy stage... Kathrin and I will be revealing our little joint project very soon, promise. The second is:  The Squam Art Fair on June 5th from 7:30-10 pm. Please come out if you are in the Boston/New Hampshire area! I had such a fun and successful experience last year, that I want to have a nice stock of wares to sell. Thus, I haven't been adding anything to the shop, as I prep and sew buckets, sachets, bags, and print on journals, note cards, etc.
On top of  that, my garden needs attention desperately! Maybe my new work apron will help me get out there today!
garden apron
Busy? Oh, yes. It's all fun, good stuff, and I'm very grateful for that. I never take for granted that my playing and working hard go hand in hand. The phrase for the day: Positivity begets positivity!
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Thursday, April 29, 2010

shop update today

 I started cutting and sewing quite passionately last week, but my high hopes for lots of buckets will have to wait. Today, I bring you my new larger peg bag (just like the give-away one)... to bring ease to wash day. Each one is as unique as the coffee sack that it was repurposed from.
more peg bags in the larger size

New root sacks. Thanks for all who requested more and then patiently waited...
new root sacks

And finally, a new coffee sack handbag. I'm working on a bunch of new burlap designs. This is one of the first that made it past the prototype phase... and I love it!
coffee sack handbag

They'll all be in the shop at 1pm EST today. Now, go get outside if it's as beautiful where you are as it is out my window. I'll be joining you shortly:) Pin It

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


robin at dusk

A little bird told me that it was time to check in! I wasn't sure if I would be up for having a shop update as planned tomorrow, but I started to feel better this afternoon. After days of being wiped, I wrapped up in a warm coat and stepped out into the golden light that appears right before dusk. It's my favorite time of day to take photographs, and who should appear on the honey locust tree? This fine fellow.

I thanked him profusely for sitting still and thought I heard him chirp that it was time to come back... time to get in gear. So please stop in tomorrow for a some pictures of what I'll be putting on the shelves in my shop. Pin It

Sunday, April 25, 2010


 Good morning friends! I tiptoed down the stairs this wet Sunday morning to sip my coffee and spend a few moments with you.Even with the dark skies, it looks lush and verdant out my window. Tempted me out  in my boots to share the drenched lilacs.
 I absolutely loved all of you comments on our last give-away. So many of you already are making a wonderful effort to live more lightly, and lots of inspired folks about to make some changes.Woot!

Congratulations to : Adrienne Brown-David!
" That clothespin bag is just begging to be on my line awaiting cloth diapers fresh from the wash!"
Please e-mail me with your mailing info, Adrienne so we can get it on the line this week!

 Your response to that peg bag was enthusiastic enough to get me sewing up some more bags for my shop. I will have an update on Thursday, April 29th with lots of  wonderful recycled burlap items: bucket, peg bags, root sacks, and a couple of fresh designs I'm excited about.

Also in the news: I have been asked to speak at our library in mid May. It's very exciting to be recognized locally, and I'm hoping to meet a few readers that live near by. Here's the little blurb the library director put together for their newsletter.
Meaningful Merchandizing: Bringing your Art and Ideas to the Online Marketplace.
Maya Donenfeld discusses how to promote, maintain and develop an online business with homemade projects.  For more information on Maya, see her website Sponsored by the Ulysses Philomathic Library and the Trumansburg Area Chamber of Commerce. May 13th 7pm.

Should be fun! Hope to see some of you there! Pin It

Thursday, April 1, 2010

crocus wisdom

Hi friends! I thought I'd be back with a few surprises for my shop update, but I had forgotten how long it takes to list things on Etsy. I could keep going... but why? There is always tomorrow and the next day... but RIGHT NOW it's almost 80 degrees! Crazy! I just came in from sipping a glass of lemonade... barefoot in the grass. I even did a sunshine dance!! So the shop update is live and in full swing... HUGE thanks to those of you who were waiting with quick clicking fingertips. And now... the crocuses are calling me to come back outside and soak in the warmth of this new month! Pin It

Happy April!

We've made it to April! Blue skies have returned with the birds, and sunshine is headed our way in full force! It's time for fresh starts and spring organizing. Please stop by my shop today at 2pm EST for a little update.You'll find new buckets... I made a linen swallow one, too! I'll be adding  lots of printed goods including some lovely dish towels like the one blowing on my clothesline above. More details coming up!
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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

spring prints and getting ready

I've been squeezing in as much carving, printing, and sewing as I can in order to have a shop update on Thursday. For some reason umbrellas are making me incredibly happy. I made two more yesterday! There was a quiet calm as dinner was cooking itself (my favorite kind!), my son was working on his research paper (the history of the piano) and my daughter was making a book about rocks and minerals (just because). I realized that I didn't HAVE to put the laundry away... so I sat down beside my girl and drew two new umbrellas. In the process it started to hail outside. We were all cozy by the wood stove, the smell of  vegetable chowder was tickling our noses, and I had a huge rush of contentment. You know the ones that take your breath away and make your eyes water... with gratitude. It was gone in the blink of an eye... the phone rang, the kids started fighting over a Pandora station, and the biscuits got a little dark (ahem). Writing it down helps keep the sweetness close by... somehow.

Oh yes, back to prints. I'll have a few spring  note card sets like the umbrellas above and the birds/garden below.

I've fallen in love with the little sized Moleskine journals and will add these to the shop, as well.

I got into my sewing groove and will have 7 or 8 burlap buckets along with some other new items... here's a peek at a couple pre-photoshoot...
Hoping for a brighter day (and no hail) to take some good photos! Are you having sunshine today where ever you might be?
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