Tuesday, September 4, 2012

empty nests


September is here! It always sneaks up on me, and this year it seemed to swoop in on swifter wings than usual. Yesterday our summer officially ended when we said goodbye to Grandma... my mom was with us for much of this season, and now there is an emptiness that my children and I are feeling quite deeply. She acts as such an extension of me with my children and at this vulnerable moment they really needed that extra unconditional love... those fabulous meals and root beer floats were pretty good too... but most of all, we'll all miss those listening ears and warm arms. As we packed up the car for the airport, her nests lay abandoned on the front porch. I asked if I could bring them home with me instead of letting the wind have them during the next storm.


My mom gathered these from weeds in her yard one day and shaped them into giant nests that have been the centerpiece of many meals and a focal point on her deck for weeks. I love discovering bird's nests and have a sweet collection of tiny ones. These two are huge and fashioned by my mother's own hands. They represent all that I hold dear... creating a home and providing security and safety for my baby birds. As my oldest gets ready for his first day of public school as a freshman in high school... I'm oh so aware of how soon he will be flying away. Sigh. I think these will be wonderful reminders, so now I just need to find a place to honor them... and not let my seriousness get in the way of sillies left to be had!
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  1. I have the same feeling about September... "la rentree" as we call it here in Belgium, when school strats again. It makes me nostalgic and very much aware of how time flies, much more than a calendar year does.

    I love your nests, Maya. Your mom has done a wonderful job. I'm sure you will find many ways to fill them.

  2. I feel your sadness... My mom lives in France, I am in Wisconsin, and every time we have to say goodbye, I feel so wrong. Today is our "rentrée", too...
    Your nests really look good, she did a great job !

  3. Sweet musings Maya. I think those nests will keep Mom close at hand and wearing it on your head sure is fun. xox

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  5. Your one quirky girl Maya. I know what your feeling. Our moms are really precious. No one can replace them. That nest is great thing to remember her by.
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  6. I love those nests! I think I might have to try and make my own. My girls started school today, the first day with both of them in full day school. My nest is feeling pretty empty at the moment. Take care.

  7. Maya,
    I just LOVE this story. I pinned it, and I'm going to post it on my website, The Power of Mother: Everyone's Story. www.powerofmother.com

    Our moms are important!
    Thanks for sharing.

    Jennifer Slepin
    San Francisco

  8. love the pictures
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  9. I easily imagine how hard it must have been for you all to see your mama go. These nests are pretty amazing and such a meaningful object. My sons may be 8 & 10 only, but the empty nest is something that scares me more than I care to admitt. I'm with you my friend. Take good care, and of your baby birds too. oxox

  10. Lovely post Maya... and the nests are gorgeous!

  11. beautiful nests/beautiful sentiments
    beautiful blog and hello...
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    would be thrilled if you felt like joining in}
    be happy cheerio for now
    linda x...


  12. I miss my mom. And I know how it feels -- my boy started 9th grade this year and, while I know there are 4 more years to go (at minimum :-), it still feels like the beginning of the end and I'm very aware of time ticking by. and lil' sis isn't far behind (in 8th grade). Where did the time go???

  13. What a sweet remembrance of your mother's loving care toward you and your chicks.