Thursday, June 21, 2012

inspiration board on design*sponge

I'm so pleased to share this link to Design*Sponge today! You'll find the full instructions to make my burlap inspiration boards from Reinvention. There are endless varieties for adding organization with various pockets. These boards can help sort and stash tools as well as be a spot for gathering inspiration.

The board they featured is one that I created based on flight, soaring ... finding our wings. It was photographed almost exactly one year ago and has since morphed into something new. How fascinating to look at it a full turning of the seasons later. Don't forget to photograph your inspiration boards before you dismantle of freshen them. They are snapshots of our past and can carry messages to the present.
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  1. Wonderful pockets to stuff. A whole wall of them would be fun full of finds from the daily walk. xox

  2. Congrats, Maya! Your inspiration board looks so beautiful on the Design*Sponge site. I love coffee sacks too! We have a big coffee factory in our city and they throw the sacks away if no one claims them! Such a waste! I use them for crafting but also in the garden to suppress weeds or to cover up a muddy spot when it gets really wet in winter. Thanks also for the reminder to refresh what's on my notice board. It's amazing how quickly we move on and they become outdated.
    Lots of love
    Lucy x

  3. It looks so lovely! I think I would hang the inspiration board as art, itself!!