Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hey Bay Area!

I'm goin' home! This summer we're hopping on a plane back to San Francisco for a few weeks. I'm so excited to spend some real time in my favorite city, hang out with my family, and see old friends. One of the highlights I'm sure will be on July 28th when I head across the bay to Berkeley and the infamous Teahouse Studio. I'll be leading a wonderful workshop during the day and having a book signing  in the evening. PLEASE COME! I rarely get to the west coast... and this will be my first "public appearance" there. I do hope you'll take this opportunity to come play with me and some needle and thread! Or at the very least, drop by for the evening's festivities. Here's a peek...

Tyvek at Teahouse with Maya Donenfeld

 Saturday, July 28th 1pm - 5pm
Book signing and meet & greet the same day from 6-8pm!

Paint and hand stitch a custom zippered pouch out of recycled tyvek. What’s Tyvek? It’s a spun plastic fiber used commonly as mailers and is ripe with potential… a perfect canvas for painting, collaging and printing.
Once it’s been transformed into your one of a kind “fabric”, we’ll piece it together with needle and thread and attach a zipper. Do zippers sound intimidating? Not after you try this simple and doable method.When process art merges with utilitarian craft there is an unspoken invitation to tap into a slower rhythm- the quiet place where head and hands meet our heart. Hand stitching also allows for portability and engagement.
There will be opportunities to settle outside under the trees and to gather in groups for gentle conversation like ol’ time quilting bees. Bring a friend or come and make some new ones!

Together we will:
  • discover potential in everyday materials
  • learn simple stitching techniques and how to brave zippers
  • slow down to create with intention
  • incorporate power words or personal symbols
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  1. Tyvek is the materials that some builders use as a moisture barrier to wrap around a house before the siding goes up. IF....a big IF you can find a builder that is willing to let you have the scraps (and they've kept them clean) they are great to stitch up your own mailing envelopes. I've used this many times for odd sized/shaped sewn items such as quilts, pouches, tote bags. Once sealed in the Tyvek envelope there is a protective moisture barrier that protects your handmade items. Why do you think the post office uses Tyvek as the material for their mailing envelopes??? Now with Maya's idea you can create your own artistic envelopes.....Lisa

  2. Oh Maya!
    My cousin lives just outside San Fran, I would SOOOO love to visit you both! Hmmmn, now how to make it happen????
    ~ joey ~

  3. Hi Maya
    I met you recently at Squam (you autographed a few books for me :)...I had no idea you were from the Bay area! I moved back to Massachusetts after living in California for many years. Your workshop is going to be right around the corner from where I used to live. Wish I could be there, but I'll definitely point some friends in your direction!

  4. Oh i so WISH I could... Australia's a bit far away though :( That said, my husband wants to move to San Fran and I'm a bit hesitant. I feel very comforted by the fact that you say it's your favourite city - I'd love to know why and where to go - sighs... much better to be equipped with loveliness than dread after all...


  5. Oh! We go back to the Bay Area for four weeks on Sunday, but will just miss your workshop. Too bad :( How do you fancy coming to teach a workshop in Paris?!!!

  6. How exciting for you! Have fun in SF. I haven't been to CA in over two years now. I miss it. But if you are ever in the VA area doing a book signing, I'll totally will be paying you a visit.