Friday, May 11, 2012

reinvention: behind the scenes #2

 Sometimes we have to look at the big picture to fully understand the details. Surroundings play a huge role even when we can't see them. Learning to feel the whole picture when we can't fully see it comes quite naturally to women. We're wired to sense energy, space and spirit. I believe we fine tune it through motherhood. Embracing the  rhythms and needs of our children within their universe, while still recognizing the big picture that  they aren't able to grasp yet.
printing tools shot  I've been thinking about this so much these days... the big picture, motherhood and keeping our eyes open. While looking for some interesting shots to share of the making of reinvention, I stumbled across this series that I took last June during our second photo shoot. It illustrates just how much we cannot imagine that the world has to offer if we remain fixated on the details. Not that we shouldn't examine things carefully, and children definitely need our navigation skills as guides, but context! Context can be so illuminating. Breathe in Deborah's gorgeous surroundings... you'd never know when looking at the printing chapter's opening photo (above) that their was a meadow of rainbow inspiration surrounding every pixel captured. But maybe you sense it...
deb 3
deb 2 deb 1
This weekend I wish you your own meadow of inspiration surrounding the sweet, little moments of your days.
Today you'lll find me over at Pixie's nest: Pink Coyote for the last leg of week two on our tour. Pixie and I met at Squam last year, but we instantly knew that we'd known each other far longer. There is absolutely no one I have ever met who holds such wisdom and offers it with such compassion. Having journeyed through her amazing Soulodges throughout this year gave me the strength and awareness to literally move mountains. In fact, 1/3 of the book was written while I was simultaneously working with Pixie. If you've found clarity and gentleness within the pages... that's definitely a bit of Pixie dust that was sprinkled in. Want to see what I mean? Head on over and bring a cup of tea... pull up your chair right here!

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  1. I just love these behind the scenes shots, for exactly the reason you said, context which leads to perspective.

    I also very much enjoyed reading your interview over on Pink Coyote. I am not always in touch with the side of me that is just me, no judgements, but I believe it would be better if I were! Perhaps I need a SouLodge e-course! And certainly your book as well. Happy weekend to you and the family!

  2. The big picture with so many "other" details too! I love that meadow.

  3. What a fantastic meadow! I can almost smell it :-)

    1. Oh and btw, I have just made the burlap garden trug you showed in Taproot and send it to my mum for mothersday. She couldn't wait to open it and has done so already. She is in LOVE! Thank you so much for your inspiration Maya.