Thursday, May 10, 2012

custard, comments, contests, and continued touring

. Making custard. Added a few extra eggs to our regular recipe. Thank you dear hens!
This week, our dear Maggie ended her broody period and began laying her first eggs for us. We are up to 5 a day- one each from Maggie, Henrietta, Junie, Bauky, and Sweetie. We've been celebrating their generosity in the kitchen. Last night I whipped up our favorite custard, but added an extra egg to the recipe. It was gone instantly (thanks to my son's bottomless stomach!). I'm doubling the recipe today.
 Comments! After years of feeling disappointed with blogger's options for responding to comments, I discovered that they've remedied that issue! Now, I can't promise that I'll answer each comment... but I'm thrilled I have the ability to- and I DID in the last post! 
Yesterday, I dropped by Ithacamade and was blessed with perfect synchronicity- the sweet family that won the contest/raffle over the weekend arrived to pick it up. They were exuberant, and it was a total treat to see who the bucket was going home with. 

Raffle winners! Yay! 
 The reinvention tour continued yesterday over at a design blog I've loved for years- poppytalk! Thanks so much Jan! 

Today you will visit with one of my favorite people- a true and dear real life friend! Kathrin, of annekate, embraces slow design with beauty, skill, and sensitivity. Go take a look at how she brought hand stitching to her reinvention project and read her views on how reinvention can be interpreted without a sewing machine!
 Follow along for giveaways, free projects, contests, and fresh insights on the making of:

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  1. The custard looks so delightful! I love the photo too - the reflection on the mixer is fun :).

    I'll have to investigate the new comments reply options.

    1. oh look, you gave me a perfect opportunity to show it off! go to the settings. click on comments. choose embedded.

      yay for true conversations!!

  2. my goodness. i just came across your beautiful book and followed the trail to your blog. i grew up in horseheads, ny and went to college in ithaca. i've been in CA for nearly a decade now but it's so wonderful to see the ithaca art world through your blog. congrats on a lovely book!

  3. Loving the tour, loving my copy of the book that arrived today even more!