Monday, May 14, 2012

to be with them... and tour week #3

mama's day "What do you want for your Mama day?" asked my little girl.
"What would you really like to do on Mother's day, Mom?" asked that sweet and sensitive boy of mine.
And this is what I said:
To eat yummy food that we cook together. To be with you.
To stay outside all day. To be with you.
To swing and sing. To be with you.
To plant vegetables and fruits and flowers. To be with you.
To play and draw. To be with you.
Love and gratitude to all the mamas out there! let's play mama art 
And so we did just that. We ate crazy good food from our yard and neighboring farms. Our tiny orchard grew to include 3 new apple trees and one peach... each hole dug by a very strong 13 year old! A future rainbow of seeds and seedlings went into the ground, while my daughter drew her own version in the shade. And play never stops when there are silly chicken antics to follow along with. Our little flock continues to be the source of much entertainment these days. With the help of the sun and those children I love, I got my wish. I hope you had a lovely Mother's Day, too!

Today the reinvention tour visits with my good friend Betz. She's another "beyond virtual buddy"... a real life friend who I was fortunate enough to meet at my very first Squam. She's one of the most clever crafters I know, and we share a love for "making somethin' outa nothin' " . I have been especially excited to see what project would grab her attention first. Go see what she made... it's my favorite quick sew! Smart folding means there's a possibility for no fabric cutting whatsoever! I love what she made it for and where it's accompanying her. If you haven't won a copy of reinvention yet... Betz has one extra, so hop on over! Thank you Betz!

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  1. Seems like you have a very nice day!!

  2. Lovely. We got chickens this spring, along with several other animals, and they remain my favorite. However, the turkeys are a very close second. Almost too friendly and curious!

  3. I love your outdoor space. I crave that. We're in the city for a couple years still.
    And I love that you have chickens!