Wednesday, March 28, 2012

diy- burlap scrubber

burlap scrubber
There's always something new to learn... even (or especially!) when you think you know it all. Take burlap... the material that I've come to know exceptionally well over the years. I've always preferred spot cleaning to getting it wet. I still feel that way when it comes to projects like buckets and bags, but my mother taught me something surprising. Burlap makes a fine cleaning tool when wet! What? Yes, she made a little burlap "pocket" to hold soap scraps or to contain a little sponge. It's gentle, yet abrasive, and holds up very well for dishes and counter scrubbing. The smell I associate with wet burlap (certainly not my fave), disappears when it's used with soap regularly! Very cool. Letting it dry out after every use is recommended. Compost when it's seen better days.
burlap scrubber 3
How To:
  1. Take a rectangle of  fabric and fold over the short sides twice and stitch in place to create a finished edge
  2. Fold in half lengthwise and stitch up the sides, keeping the finished top open.
  3. Sew a sturdy snap at the top.
  4. Add some soap shards.
  5. Get scrubbin'!
These might even make a make a nice alternative exfoliator in the shower. Burlap is totally natural, after all. It's made from woven jute threads, which are plant based. Recycled burlap from coffee sacks are untreated, so it has some good potential as a natural body care tool. I'm still in the experimental phase, but thought you might want to test it with me if you have some burlap scraps to spare. Let me know what you discover!
burlap scrubber 2
Happy Scrubbing!
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  1. Brilliant! I'm making some when i get home!

  2. You know, I've made my own every thing for years- family cloth, soap, laundry powder... but I've always had this secret, shameful natural mama addiction: green and yellow scrubbie sponges. There, I said it. washcloths just don't get IN there like a scrubbie sponge... but I'd bet BURLAP would. Why Hadn't I thought of this! Thank you, thank you!!!!!

  3. I've only sewn with burlap once and it was pretty messy. Do you have any tips of what kind of needle to use and how to minimize those bits that get caught up in a girl's sewing machine?

  4. Ridiculously fabulous. I had knit some jute squares before...wish I had the link-it was one the soulemama had shared but we love it for the kitchen & the shower. The jute does get softer & also love that I can throw It in the washer too. But I love the idea of the pouch, so sweet with the snap & putting the soap scraps-brilliant!

  5. Now that is one of the best ideas I have heard in a long time! Thank you and please tell your Mom thank you. I have a stack of burlap that is just waiting to 'be something' and now I know what it will be.

  6. I was recently wondering about making little single use scrubbies with burlap and m&p soap. I really like the pouch idea, and just got a new load of coffee sacks! I"ll have to let you know if it works.

  7. Thanks for the great feedback friends!
    Heather- a new universal needle should be fine with burlap if it's a tight weave. The finer the burlap, the easier it is to sew with. Folding over the edges keeps it neat and tidy. The interior seams will fray, but not to worry, it's only a scrubber!

  8. Excellent!
    I just happen to have some of a coffee bag left over from a project I did last week! Serendipity!
    Thank you...

  9. Love this! I had some rice bags I was contemplating what they would become. I'm seeing some scrubbers in my very near future. Thanks!

  10. I love this. It would be great to take camping.

  11. Espectacular y muy Ăștil!!!

  12. Hello! I have several old bag in burlap. 2 of them where hanging out under rain and sun since 2 or 3 monthes, now, they have lost the bad smell they had.
    I like your idee of soap-purse or sponge for dishes cleaning and i will make it.
    Excuse my bad english.
    Marie-Paule from France

  13. This is a great idea for using up those little bits of soap!

  14. This is great for me because I always have dry skin when I shower in the winter time. I can use filtered water and clean the places that make me smell like my armpits.