Friday, March 30, 2012

ink and linen

Printing by hand is accessible, inexpensive and exciting. It's also messy, unpredictable and wrought with imperfection. It's these inherent qualities that call to me over and over again. When I apply ink to my other love- rescued fabric, I'm totally satisfied. Transforming a scrap of linen intoxicates me. Silly, but true. I can get lost in the quiet of cutting or carving and then continue the meditation while creating repeat patterns (by eye) or simple color combinations. It's quiet, slow, and peaceful... it's also play. These pieces will be handed over to my sewing machine soon. They are just the beginning of an idea that has started to brew. Don't you just love the percolating phase!?
vilolet and blue
red and black
linen and ink
-Versacraft stamp pads work well on linen and cotton with small rubber stamps. Do a search on Etsy for "Versacraft".
-Speedball Speedy Carve blocks are my favorite for stamps.

Don't forget to go check out who won a copy of Hand in Hand! It's been announced at the bottom of the giveaway post.

Have a great weekend!
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  1. Hi Maya -

    Just curious where are you sourcing your linen fabric?

    I was lucky to pick up some gorgeous wood textile blocks, and am looking for light weight linen to try printing.

    Love your handmade ones btw, looks great!

  2. I am currently loving linen and ticking. Thanks for sharing your thoughts during your creation process. Congratulations on being named one of Babble's Top 50 Mom Craft Blogs, 2012!

  3. Sangeetha- All of the linen shown is from deconstructed clothing found at thrift stores. I think we've got a pair of pants and some shirts in the mix, but I can't be certain on all of them. Wooden blocks are so fun, but harder to print with. Make sure to have a towel beneath your fabric to create a cushion, which makes the wood sink into the weave better. A brayer roller and ink work better than stamp pads- at least from my experience. Have fun!

  4. Thanks all around Laura J.
    I would have to agree about linen and ticking- they are quite delicious together!

  5. wow, those are beautiful prints, Maya! i love the blue flowers.

  6. i can't wait to see more. we have been carving stamps just this afternoon and are also at the percolating phase of printing on linen. your colors are gorgeous as are your flower designs.
    Also i want to say that i love your garden trug tutorial in taproot. i made one in a pinch for my mama's birthday - posted yesterday.

  7. Oooh! I LOVE the flowers, they have a very nice Indian look to them! Were they inspired by some of the things that your Mom brought back? Stamp carving is still on my list of to do's, BUT, I did finally finish my daughter's doll though if you'd like to take a peak? Feels good to get the creative juices flowing again!
    Thanks so much for all of your continued inspiration!
    Happy weekend!
    ~ joey ~

  8. Very pretty - love the blue flowers! :-)

  9. Hi Maya,
    I am wondering if the ink withstands washing? Or do you have to set the ink with another product if you want to wash it. I have some viscolor ink pads but they do not say for paper and fabric on yuo specifically have to have the ink pads that state fabric?

    Thank you for sharing, you are so inspiring!


  10. Lovely!!! The shapes, the colors, the fabric. Love it.

  11. i can feel the fun you had stamping these bits of fabric! love them!