Monday, October 10, 2011

feathered find

bird inspiration
Birds continue to offer endless inspiration... not just in my designs, but in the every day moments of sitings as the come and go. My children are equally delighted by spotting and identifying who's out back or on our walks. My son's endless fascination with flight is not reserved only for airplanes and my daughter is known for her feather magic. If there's a feather to be found, she's certain to be the one to stumble upon it. When my mother and I were working on her crate wall, I discovered this vintage lotto game among her vast game collection. I squealed. Wouldn't you? She gave it to me for whatever might strike my fancy.
vintage bird lotto
Isn't it beautiful!? I thought you'd find some inspiration from these old illustrations, too. I can't decide what to do with it- tuck it away for playing by the fire (deep in winter) when we're missing our feathered friends or display it some how for everyone to enjoy. What would you do?
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  1. I think it's too pretty to put away! Leave it out for all to see; you can still play with it in the winter if you want!xx

  2. both!
    make a clothesline banner with clips and hang them up- then take them down to play. I have a few of these cards, purchased at a pricey antique shop- just couldn't walk away!

  3. Great ideas- both of you!

    Charlotte, I think we'll hang some today! Maybe rotate in new favorites!

  4. Oh I'd be squealing too Maya!
    I love the clothes line idea! Definitely keep it on display! I'd be so tempted to copy them and make them into greeting cards or book covers! Maybe the copyright has expired?!?
    ~ joey ~

  5. you could have some "birds on a wire". [: mix those with some other pretty bird illustrations, and rotate them out every once in a while.

    i love those cards, they are so veryvery pretty. i usually tear pages from old bird watchers guides.
    show us what you end up doing with them!


  6. I'd do both! It's so beautiful and yet it will be a great game to play in winter. What a find!


  7. So pretty, I love vintage games, it's the graphics I think ? Just gorgeous. Now following your lovely blog xx Ava

  8. oh, they're pretty, pretty, pretty! i love charlotte's idea...hang them on a clothesline banner *and* play. if you decide to hang them, do post a photo...please!

  9. What a great find! Wild birds are a favorite around here too (we call them our low-maintenance pets).

    I'm with the others who said "play AND display". You might even scan them into your computer for future reference in case the game gets damaged.

  10. Lovely, I'd be afraid of them getting bent and scuffed if left out, but I'm quite obsessive about things like that. Maybe organise some of your favorites into a couple of collages and frame them (squashed against glass in a frame you wouldn't need to stick them down..)