Friday, October 7, 2011


illuminated yes!
Suddenly, I've found myself with breathing room. Every time I thought that IT would arrive...  something came along that needed my attention. IT being that magic bubble of space that offers a little time to be still. I had never known it to be so elusive, and yet I just couldn't grab hold of it... slippery little whippersnapper!  A piece of treasured time fell into my lap, yesterday. For a while I sat on the old slate stones out back with my eyes closed. The air was brisk, but the sun was high, and I lifted my face to it and whispered "hello old friend". At first I thought I was talking to the sun, but then I realized I was talking to ME.  Yes. Yes. Yes. Right then and there, I decided on a little welcoming home gift to give myself. I will find a few moments every day to actively seek out random inspiration. Like old times. Not online. Outside. Around my house. In the shadows. Illuminated by light. I would dust off my camera from its job of shooting finished items and let it become an extension of my eyes once again. I thought you might enjoy seeing what's been caught in my lens...
broken platesolo flightwalnuts hanging onfound nature and found paperreaching limbsmaple
Mmmm. That felt so good! By having making time to see what's right in front of me, I feel like me again. When you give everything to something you love... a new child, an exciting dream, a huge project, eventually you have to find your way back. Back to yourself. Back to your center. Yes. Have a beautiful weekend, friends. I hope these blue skies stretch across the world to wherever you might be! Pin It


  1. Me time, um, outside everyday, oh yes, so necessary for me too just to keep the spirit present. Glad you found some beautiful space. xox Corrine

  2. I love your pictures. That robins egg blue platter was beautiful! I love that color but, I don't decorate with it enough.

  3. lovely to see what your camera lens has captured. i especially like the last image of the leaf against the blue, blue sky. and so happy you've made some time to come back to your center. happy weekend to you!

  4. Beautiful images!
    Beautiful time spent!
    Keep making it - it clearly like you!

  5. Lovely. Time is a precious fact I wrote a Thanksgiving post yesterday and what I am most thankful for is time. Thank you for the beautiful pictures...the skies are blue here too!

  6. So much beautiful blue!
    I too have just reached a point in my life where I have moments of "me time", it's quite invigorating!
    ~ joey ~

  7. so true! life is so busy and full of so many responsibilities...and I too, have conciously decided that i NEED to take time everyday to create and just sit and enjoy! We must have been on the same wavelength because I spent a little time yesterday sitting outside, feeling the wind on my cheek andjust enjoying all around me!

  8. As always I love your images. You have a big heart that you are marvellous at capturing through photos. I'm not even sure how you do that! Photos of you that aren't of you...

    Maya, if you get a moment I would love you to visit my 'instagram' post from last week. I'm not usually one to flog my blog in the comments section, but the pictures I posted showed a little bit of me that I would like to introduce to you.

    Sheesh, this comment reads like spam. Written by someone for whom English is a third or forth language. Who is really, super duper needy. And stalkerish. And more than a little bit demented.

    Should I just delete it? x

  9. I love this posting. It sums up so much of what I am hoping to share through my "Knitting As A Spiritual Practice" class. So glad you found your way back home. Blessings - Melissa

  10. Maxabella-
    heading over! Your comments are always so loving and never, never reminiscent of spam! Silly lady!

  11. Mommy Chicken-
    Love the sound of your class!

  12. I hear you Maya! The every day little and big things can so easily get in the way of enjoying the here and now. Glad you are finding the time.

    I love the last photo. The blue and orangy contrast is beautiful. Earth. Lovely lovely Earth.