Friday, April 8, 2011

sure signs

another first of the year!!
Yesterday, I hung a small load of laundry beneath the locust tree.  The sun warmed my cheeks as I reached up with each peg. Blue skies with puffy white clouds floated overhead. "We made it," I whispered.
wild narcissus
I spied the vivid green of wild narcissus standing tall among the dried and broken branches of the hedgerow. "You're back," I breathed.
I watched our sleepy, lazy winter cat transform back into a stealthy, woodland hunter. "Beware." I warned the birds and field mice.

And how about you? What signs of the changing season are you seeing in your backyard?

p.s. Thanks Jan for including my above clothesline in today's white selection in the Poppytalk Spring Colours week! Pin It


  1. A blackbird has been building a nest in my back yard and yesterday all day she sat on it. And with her I wait patiently for her babies to arrive.

  2. I'm seeing more and more robins picking their way through debris on the lawn; I'm seeing tulips shooting up through the soil and buds on the lilac trees...the grass isn't even beginning to green yet but I know it's coming and that's enough for me -- just "knowing". Love that laundry on the line shot!

  3. Sure signs of spring around here - every morning when I open the door to their coop my chickens come busting out with more energy than I've seen in some time, chipmunks everywhere! My perennials are starting to pop up.

    Lovely post! Happy spring to you :)

  4. We're watching two blue jays gathering sticks and grass and building their nest in the hedge off our back patio. I love their brazen, cheeky, industriousness... they don't care if we're nearby, they just go about their building. Some of the sticks they're hauling in are twice as long as the birds themselves! Welcome Spring! Glad you finally made it!

  5. I love this post!

    My sure sign of spring is the morning. There is an entirely different feeling the spring morning sunshine gives you when it creeps in through the blinds. It's a great feeling.

  6. laying among the grape hyacinths, following the new dog into the woods to enjoy some of the first stones-throws of the season, carpenter bees all over the neighbors barn, the putting on of coats, and the dropping of coats within 10 minutes of being outside!

  7. Your posts have all been so lovely this week. SO glad you are feeling better! xo

  8. Love the picture of the laundrey hanging against the beautiful sky! I have been enjoying the daffodils peeking up from the ground.:)