Saturday, April 9, 2011

sponsor spotlight: blarter

 I'm so happy to introduce you to our newest sponsor: blarter, masterminded by Molly Dunham. Her blog, A Foothill Home Companion, has been a regular read since my first few months of blogging. She shares her thoughts with eloquent prose and sensitive wit. Her ideas are all  very clever, yet simple. This latest endeavor might be the best ever! blarter is an organized venue for trading vintage goods, handmade wares, craft supplies, and creative services.  Who doesn't love a good trade? Use what you have and get what you want simply by posting it to blarter's site. It just launched a few days ago and the listings are flowing in. Great stuff being offered... and maybe you'll clean out your creative stash just a bit in exchange. Win Win! Go check it out... it's free... no money exchanges hands.
Thanks, Molly, for adding a new (and brilliant) dimension to the crafting community!
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