Thursday, April 7, 2011

mini burlap moo holder

match stick holder turned moo holder
I've used moo cards for the last 2 1/2 years and probably gone through a couple hundred of them, but I've never had a permanent place to carry them when I travel. At home and at shows they're displayed in the little vintage match stick holder above. Not so practical for my purse. My wallet has done the job, but not well. Since I was looking for another super quick project to fuel me, I decided to make a moo card holder this morning. Seemed simple enough... and would have been if I had used anything but burlap. My love for it hasn't lessened over time, and it seemed like a fitting outer fabric. But I can't recommend making a teeny tiny card holder out of loose weaved burlap if you are faint-hearted.
moo holder
I lined it with some perfectly faded striped material from Liane. It's much thinner than ticking and made a great interior. I bought it with a great collection of vintage fabric scraps from Enhabiten about a week ago and have already begun to play with another piece. Ahhh PLAY! I'm such a strong advocate for play-based learning among children... but also quite convinced that play is essential for grown-ups. Now, I better go snip that itty bitty thread under the top snap... it's distracting me way too much.

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  1. Too sweet! Lovely work. Burlap is such a beautiful texture.

  2. Thanks Erin! The texture is what will help me find it at the bottom of my purse!

  3. Lovely work. My kids always want my mom to sew clothes for their teeny tiny toy animals--she can't seem to convince them that it is actually a lot harder to sew something very small than to sew a larger project.

  4. Where there's a will... there's a way! Cute and functional, nice job!

  5. super cute. I made one out of some scrap fabric I had.

    -The Monster

  6. That's so cute! I confess I have never heard of a moo card (I am always learning new things over here!) but I'll follow your link and find out what's what. x

  7. Adorable! I also got some of the enhabiten fabric ... I think mine will become pillow cases for the couch, but I have to get my taxes done before I dive in :)

  8. Very nice! I've seen some of these cards out and about, but didn't know where they came from. Thanks so much for the link - now I think I need some Moo cards for myself!



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