Thursday, April 7, 2011

my dear crocus

wide open
I had some lunch and went to shoot the little something that I made this morning. "Little somethings" are the name of the game right now. My sweet first crocus had felt all my cabin-fever crazed love (or maybe just the inside temps) and opened up. Wide! Oh, how glorious! My camera was already in my hands... there's not much I love more than a fresh flower, especially after months of deprivation.
Today is lavender day over at Poppytalk's spring color week... and I thought I wouldn't be able to join in any of the fun... pshaw! Do scroll through their whole week to have a healthy dose of color.
And about my little morning crafting...  it might be a three post day! Imagine that?! Here's a peek...
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  1. Perfection straight from nature; love purple and orange together! :-)

  2. The first crocus of spring -- beautiful! I'm still waiting for our first crocus but it will be here soon.

  3. Beautiful! Growing up in Ithaca, with a late-mid March birthday, crocus were always my favorite flower. I would look for them poking through the snow and know Spring, and my birthday, were coming. Does seem a bit late this year, so I can see why you had to pick it!

    I remember well my sister coming home from her first year of college in NC. She was scoffing at the small new leaves on the trees and boasting how much earlier spring had come to her school. I was very defensive of our hard one beauty.

    I remember that conversation every spring as I watch to see what the calendar says when it all starts blooming. I've been in GA for 20 years now and it never ceases to amaze me. That our roses are beautiful now, and not in June when I think they should be, is still a surprise.