Thursday, April 7, 2011

Big Dreams. Small Wonders... and a winner!

first crocus
Good morning... oh well, it's really about lunch time but I'm still moving a little slower than usual. Luckily, I feel healthier than I have in days. I even managed a short walk out back and look what I discovered- our very first crocus! Halleluja! I've never picked the first one, but this year I needed it right beside me assuring me that spring has finally arrived. I even plucked a blade of new grass and  a poppy leaf for good measure. New life.

And now on to Big Dreams. Small Wonders! Congratulations goes to:
  M G said...Creating a map sounds like such a good idea. I need help to overcome past failures and to reconnect with the part of me that can set goals and get things done in all parts of my life -- work, health, relationships.
Thanks for such a good give away.

Your comments were all awesome, inspiring and beautiful. I've read  them over and over again. I hope that each of you will find the strength to follow the dreams you spoke of. Louise (with her lovely lilting accent) and her workshop do sound quite magical, and I wish you all could join her. It begins on April 11th and she has offered to bring the price down (from $95 to $79) for any maya*made readers. Here's to dreams!

I'll be back with a little post in just a few. Pin It

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