Monday, March 14, 2011

vintage edition

we japanese 2
Last week I wrote a bunch of pre-scheduled posts for this week... in my attempt to keep the momentum of behind the scenes productivity at a high level. I've rarely done this, and ironically, now I'm having trouble posting them. Doesn't everything seem trivial compared to the plight of so many families around the world? But here I am tonight missing you all, and wanting to share what arrived on my door step on Saturday afternoon. A strange twist of fate brought me this gorgeous vintage edition of We Japanese, a book initially created for the Fujiya Hotel as an introduction to Japan for visitors in the 1930's. There were many editions up through the 50's and two more volumes were added.
we j

w J
The information, although dated, is fascinating and the book itself is absolutely gorgeous. Handbound. Cloth cover. Over 600 illustrated folded pages on the loveliest paper. It's a treasure. It's timing was what was so odd.

we japanese
As I've mentioned several times, my mother did some major spring cleaning. Boxes seem to be arriving every day. I have more to show you, but this beautiful volume seemed fitting today, when so many of us have our attention focused on the devastation in Japan. It's hard not to think about what our personal connections are to the people and country that are suffering so. The blogosphere is currently wrought with stories of travel memories and long lost friends. There are even blogs you may read daily from folks that experienced the quake. Technology has given us unlimited raw footage to horrors, but it has also given us avenues for connection and reaching out. At a time when it's easy to feel helpless, there really are ways to give.  Apartment therapy has a very clear round up of just what you can do. Kathrin  also had some thoughtful words on how important it is for children to feel that they can do something, too and some nice links here: annekata.

I do have some good things planned for this week, but I think we can all relate to: business as usual it is not. Pin It


  1. I posted on this today too, Maya. It is unavoidable and sorrowful. But there is hope in there too. x

  2. Yes, last week had me hard hit. Having close friends there.

    This is a beautiful post, and that is an amazing old Japanese stab-bound book! I love that style of binding.... I was going to do a tutorial on how to make one... maybe I will get that going sooner rather than later!


  3. Oh that is such a lovely book! Japan holds a special place in my heart, although I have only had a chance to travel there once.

    And I know what you mean about it not being business as usual. I find it hard to blog about much when so many are suffering such loss.

  4. That is a gorgeous book. You're right that so much seems insignificant by comparison to the recent events. I find things go to one extreme or the other at these times; most lose what little importance they may have had while others (like family and relationships) get the fast elevator to the top of the important list.