Wednesday, March 2, 2011

slice of life and a book winner

slice of life and a book winner
 This photo is a part of my answer to Gumbo Lily's question in the comment section  for the last giveaway. She asked how balanced it all? Truthfully, I don't always do it well. I got very little sleep last night, but I'm still up early to answer this question. Is that a balanced response? No, I think sleep would have been a better choice. Last week, when my children were home, I got very little work done... but the laundry mountain was finally tackled, and I baked every day. It often feels like I have to make choices all day long. Work/home.Work/home.  As a result- the house isn't always so tidy, but my children are fed nicely, and I get some work accomplished. But... on the rare occasions when I am successfully blending all the facets of my life together, it looks a little like the image above:
  • An empty cup of what was surely a hot caffeinated drink- I have several cups of black tea a day (and often 1 coffee).
  • Snacks available-Well fed kids are happy and more independent.
  • Parallel play- When I work at the kitchen table, everyone feels free to join me with their own projects. I encourage it. Small crafting, or  a book review, work well with everyone at my side. When I go into my (door-less) studio it's understood that I'm not as available, so that happens less when my family is about.
I know this is only a slice of life and a partial answer, but I wanted to acknowledge that question in some way to a friend who has been faithfully checking in here for YEARS!
I was so excited to hear how helpful Jennifer's book, The Right Brain Business Plan, might be for many of you. Remember "dreams do come true!".

And the winner is
Verbenabeth said...
Well, yes thank you, I'd love a chance to win this book! It sure looks like something I need. Thanks!

Please contact me with your mailing address and I'll send it your way! Pin It


  1. You have given me the jump start of my morning as I prepare to go downtown to my own studio...parallel play ...lives in my studio and that seems to create both the messy process I love and an energy to explore what is next? Thank you, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. I love your table Maya, I've got one made of that nice oak wood, too.
    Congrats to Verbenabeth!

  3. Maya,
    You are so good to answer my questions and I know you are honest about it. Sometimes it helps to know that there are always "loose ends" and that there really is no perfect way to mix work/play/creativity/home and make it look like someone else's life.

    By the way, nice picture and good-looking cookies!


  4. Beautiful table...yummy cookies...congrats to the lucky winner of that book! It really sounds great.

  5. congratulations to the winner!
    now i can go forward and order mine. :)

  6. Thanks for the reminder about snacks Maya, you're right about full tummies leading to more independence, but sometimes I forget that!