Tuesday, March 1, 2011


snow somersaulting!

We still might be covered in snow, but today's bright sun inspires leaps for joy and spontaneous somersaults.
March means we've made it that much closer to the growing season... warmer weather... longer days... color everywhere! I can hardly wait!! Even though it's been known to snow in April around here-winter's end is in sight.

  •  Please welcome my newest sponsor, Enrouge, and do give her shop a visit to view all of her beautiful art prints!
  • I have been nominated in the TOP 25 CREATIVE MOMS BLOGGER LIST over at Circle Of Moms. What a nice honor and in such good company! If you'd like to cast a vote for me, you can hop over right here and click on the thumbs up.
  • Two more exciting packages arrived from my mother due to her spring cleaning... can't wait to show you! So good! Soon.
  • Don't forget to stop by tomorrow for a new giveaway.
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  1. congrats on the nomination! that is so so exciting!

  2. March where I live is a promise for Fall, which I love! Hot temperature wasn't made for me. How I love that snow in your photo!
    Willing to peek at your mother's package :)
    Y ya he votado por tí, felicidades!

  3. ho votato per te buona fortuna ciao rosa.kreattiva

  4. Sunny and cold today here too. Spring is definitely around the corner!

    You got more boxes from your mom - yea! I wish my mom would spring clean!

  5. I must be missing something. I went to that link and found a long list of blogs and it said how many each blog has for votes. But I cannot find HOW to vote!

  6. Thanks for checking over there, Melissa. Just click on the thumbs up. That's it. Thanks!

  7. Congrats for the Top 25 nomination! Make sure to vote everyday. it is not just an one time vote. You can vote every day! Go Maya!
    ..and of course i cannot wait to see what spring cleaning means and brings!

  8. you have my vote!! :)
    ciao, Chiara