Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sponsor Spotlight: Lori Portka

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to our newest sponsor, Lori Portka! It's actually with delight that I share her with you, because that is exactly what Lori is all about... her mission: happiness through art! In Lori's words "I am a mixed-media artist, illustrator, counselor and educator. All of my work (so far!) is joyful and light-hearted, a reminder of the sweetness in life. In my shop I sell original collage paintings, archival matted prints (giclees), greeting cards, handmade Blessing Angels and frame-able art cards. My vision is to uplift the world through the intrinsic power of art, bringing love, healing and happiness to those who are open to it."

I met Lori in the first e-course of In the Fishbowl and was instantly drawn to her positive and loving outlook on life. Her happiness is contagious, and it's represented beautifully in every vibrant and colorful piece she creates. You can imagine how much I enjoy having that wonderful energy spreading through my blog through her sweet and happy banner in the sidebar! I must say that in compiling images for this spotlight, I went through each one in her shop... and she's prolific! I feel energized, lightened and yes, happy just from viewing her work. Imagine what it would be like to have one hanging in your yoga corner, living room, or child's bedroom... what a gift.
Thank you Lori, so thrilled to have you here!
Go check out Lori's:

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  1. Lori's work is definitely beautiful and happy inducing...lovely!

  2. I met Lori in the fishbowl too. Truth be told, I had a surgery right before the class started, so I didn't participate very much in the discussions. Lori reached out to me, commenting on my blog, etc. I'm glad we were connected from that class because she's such an inspiring person. Her attitude and the way she looks at life makes me want to try to be better everyday. I think this shines through in her artwork as well.

  3. i adore lori....i have been blogging back and forth with her for quite some time now.

    and not only is she an amazing artist as all of her work clearly represents....she is a lovely, lovely soul who i am so happy to have met through "blog land"!!

    what a wonderful spotlight! thank you maya!


  4. This colored my day! Thanks Maya and thanks Lori!

  5. As a collector of Lori's originals, I can say with authority that her art fills my home with brightness, joy, and loving energy. Her paintings are GREAT for those who try to apply the principles of feng shui. They're great for enlivening any corner in your home. I LOVE Lori's art!

  6. I am so in love with her work! I'm getting ready to move, and I know some of these prints will be adorning my new walls.

  7. Yay! I love Lori's work so much and it is so fun to see you featuring her here! I met you both in the Fishbowl and the relationships that were formed in that class have been so formative as I have now been blogging for almost a whole year. Lori has been such a wonderful support to me during all that time. She really does just emanate light and love...and of course happiness through art!

  8. ohhh! i just love this lori & her art!! what a lovely feature of her here!!!

  9. Oh, I really love these! They are so uplifting and inspiring. There is something refreshing about truly happy art!

  10. lori has a colorful, distinct style that i'd recognize anywhere - i'm always happy when i go to her world! beautiful feature on her!

  11. I know Lori in person - she is truly as creative and sweet as her artwork. I'm her website designer and I *love* when she sends me new images to post so I can see the large versions of the photos up-close. Almost as good as seeing the work in person. It always makes me feel good working on her site!

  12. So cheerful...I really like "Abundance is all around us"..."love love love" and so many more. Thanks for the happy giveaway.



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