Friday, March 5, 2010


Lots of new things to be happy about...
  • feeling healthy again
  • both children are now playing the piano
  • exciting projects (small and large) in the works
  • blue skies for the second day in a row
  • the weekend is just about here
Wishing you your very own bit of "happy"! Pin It


  1. Yes, the weekend is finally here...sigh...grin. Can I just say that I loved the previous post on thought bubbles. What a bright and creative child you have. You should incorporate these into a craft you do. They would be super cute on bags, done with applique and stitching. Just awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  2. happy to you my friend too. feeling lots of sunshine and happiness here today.

    so glad that you are feeling better. health is so precious so often we take this for granted.

    have a happy weekend.

  3. sounds like things are going well! very happy the weekend is here. i like that happy picture.

  4. yes, we have blue skies and sunshine today too after weeks of none. Makes such a difference. I love the photographed corner of your house. Your burlap box looks wonderful.

  5. I'll take some of that happy.. thanks!!
    I need to get some letters.. hmm.. I think I'll get bliss..
    and magical!

  6. What a great post! I love the picture too.

  7. Such a nice post. The beginning of Spring always carries some Happiness for me too. Just what we need after a cold hard Winter.

  8. Beautiful! My happy: warm(ish) weather, lots of time with friends, a museum visit, and a new book. Happy!
    So glad to hear you are better!

  9. I hear you!!! the sunshine makes such a difference.
    I am happy because I get to dance all weekend!!! rehearsals!!!!

  10. I could use some "happy." Hopefully when my next prescription, an upped dosage, comes in I will feel a little more "happy." Stupid ol' stress.

    Anyway... To not make this a total downer comment (smile): Where did you get your "happy" wall word? I love words, love text, and would love to have something of that nature for my own home.

  11. Yes !! I'm feeling happy this weekend :)

  12. Oh Gina, hope your HAPPY is found! These letters were on clearance at Michael's a while back. There were a whole bunch of random letters... and I discovered HAPPY!