Monday, March 8, 2010


This weekend's soaring temperatures brought on a bit of euphoria. Even though the snow is still high, the driveway has melted and mud has arrived. Oh glorious MUD, we are so happy to see you!
The steady beat of ice melting and drip-drip-dripping was our soundtrack each day...

that and the call of winter birds announcing that it was almost time for their feathered cousins to return. I don't expect to see a robin for some while... but I'm getting ready.

This spring fever has moved me to carve some blossoms inspired by the little flowers in last week's collage.

I've got some nice plans for these prints... just a little more carving to do before I begin sewing.
Hope you had a good weekend! Is spring in the air for you, too? Or maybe it's fall if you're across the planet. Pin It


  1. What lovely rain (or in this case, mud) boots! Too cute.

    Your carvings are just beautiful, as always. Your eye for those details is incredible.

    Spring is in full swing here! I think we had two days of snow way back in December and that was pretty much it. It was almost 60 degrees yesterday and I ran around snapping photos for my post today. It was so nice! Of course the forecast for tomorrow is thunder and lightning and hail so...

  2. We are just heading into Autumn by the calendar, but it is still pretty humid here and warm despite a week of rain last week. Unfortunately we will never get to enjoy snow where we live. I so love looking at blogs with snow and wondering what it would be like. The closest we get to snow is a severe frost!

  3. Wow, gorgeous. The icey drops are falling...beautiful.

  4. that a little doily snail I see? Adorable! Glad you are enjoying the thaw!

  5. Betz, yes a doily snail! It was a gift from Resurrection Fern and likes to slide into spring photos now and then:)

  6. YES! and i cant wait! Bring on sprrrrring!

  7. I really love those photos with the boots! And the prints are so beautiful. I really want to carve block prints but don't even know where to begin.

  8. What a fun and versatile stamp!

  9. Spring is indeed in the air...and the bunnies are excited to get outside and dig up some brillant green grass:D...brillant happiness indeed:D

  10. Very beautiful prints!
    Those pictures look fantastic - with the mud. I am so waiting for spring weather after this long, long cold and snowy winter. We have about 70-80 cm of snow here. So there will be a lot of splash, splash and mud before its gone.

  11. Oh yes, the mud had begun here too though I am much less enthusiastic about it than your happy puddle jumper there.

    The stamps are gorgeous. I really love those. Can't wait to see what's next you talented thing you.

  12. The prints are so nice!!
    From Argentina


  13. Your post reminds me of spring in Canada last year. Now we're in Cyprus and it's already 25c... I still miss the spring thaw in Alberta though...

  14. We are melting here too and I'm so grateful for the mud, glorious mud. The Canada Geese flew in today so spring is on the way!

    Great prints you've made.

  15. Ah yes - exactly what we are experiencing (in Indiana) - and exactly the sentiments! To hear the birds tweeting, see the grass instead of the snow, have sunlight on my is truly bringing the life back to me.

    Love the stamps as always!!



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