Monday, July 6, 2009

country mouse, city mouse

My husband and I are raising country kids, but we're both city folk... he's from NYC and I'm from SF. We make it a regular point to keep our children exposed to urban life: busy and culturally diverse streets, subways, museums, and cafes.

We're lucky to have family and good friends in Manhattan, and are just easing back into our regular quiet routine after a 4-day weekend of city fun. So far, we all seem to be equally at ease in both worlds. A bit of a double life...

Now that we're home, I'm so excited to go peek in the garden and check the water level at the creek! Lots of country goodness coming up this week! Pin It


  1. I love NYC!! I would love to hear more about the placed you visited.

  2. Our weekend was more about people than places... and the city was just kind of the backdrop. We did manage a trip to the Museum of Nat. History, and a daily outing to our favorite bagel shop(Essa). Our friends moved out of the village to a mysterious neighborhood at the tip of Manhattan: Inwood. It was eclectic, beautiful and fascinating.

  3. My fantasy has always been to win the lottery and buy a brownstone in Greenwich Village, and a farmhouse upstate. My sister would have the brownstone, with a floor set aside for us, and I would have the farmhouse, with an outbuilding set aside for her, and we could go back and forth country/city whenever we wanted.

    I don't play the lotto and even if I did, probably wouldn't win.

    I'm moving to California.

    I'm not really on good terms with my sister right now.


  4. Love Rowena's comment above!! Hope her fantasy comes true some day, in one form or another.

    And I think you've chosen a good balance of nature and urbanity (?). Your kids get to grow up breathing fresh country air, but then they can get their cultural fix any time they need to. Did you see the fireworks?

  5. Greetings. I'm a country mouse at heart, but city mouse for most of my adult life. I'm also a fellow fish stopping by to introduce myself after some busy work weeks and playing catch up with Marisa's course. Congrats on your bucket pattern success. Your buckets are great. I'd think one would be fabulous next to my office desk for my recycled papers. hmmm....

  6. Looks like a lovely weekend Maya. A little of both worlds. What a treasure.

  7. Oh my gosh--did you even sleep? Already a beautiful post, and you JUST left us! We miss you so much.

  8. How wonderful- raise them in the beautiful country, visit the city :)

  9. It's such a good dynamic to have in one's life, with the benefits of both city and country. Looks like it was a fun time!

  10. You know I want to go live in the country, or at least in the coast with a wood on the backyard.
    But for us, and Zoe, subways, cafés and long lines in the bank are the usual stuff. I want her to be more in touch with nature.
    I am glad you are home and happy.

  11. It's wonderful that you're allowing them to experience both city and country life.

  12. As a country/city mouse myself, I'm so glad to hear you are mindfully raising your children with an appreciation for both. It's what I hope to do someday, so I am glad to know when others are doing it! I think it's so important to understand the variety of mindsets in this world, and the settings that nurture and inspire them.

  13. I could live anywhere, but long for chickens and goats the most! I do enjoy a lovely city excursion now and then, however.

  14. It's fantastic to see Manhattan in your blog, and I think to reconize "Grand Hyatt" where we stay two years ago in NYC.
    I love NY and me and my family went there after a long fly!
    We live in a country side in Italy and as u say is correct to show towns to children!



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