Monday, March 2, 2009

spring workshop announcement

I'm very excited to announce my local workshops for the spring. Both classes feature something I'm passionate about. I'm happy to teach some new skills, as well as share my enthusiasm. I'm also looking forward to opening the doors to my mother's lovely and inspiring studio in her barn located near Ithaca, New York. It's not a huge space, so class size will be limited to 5 participants. I'll post more details soon, but I wanted to get these dates out so that you could be checking your calendars, and I could have a sense of the response these would get. This series is a first for me, but as usual I'm jumping in. How else can we ever learn? Please e-mail for registration details. Questions can be directed to the comment section so that my answers can reach everyone at once. Wheeeee!

And yes, that is my latest hand carved stamp: the barn. Stamping... printing... all coming up this week! Pin It


  1. I really wish that barn of your mum's was a bit closer.

  2. Just like Kirsty, I wish so hard that I lived closer to you, how much I'd love to spend time creating with you, and learning from you !
    You have done an AMAZING job with the barn stamp, I can't believe my eyes ! Though I'm not that surprised that you master this art quickly ... :D
    Happy March & Happy New Week to you, sweet friend ! Take care ! xoxoxoxo

  3. I'm in the wrong country, and on the other side of the ocean! Ho hum :-(

    But WOW at the Barn stamp. That's amazing. You are so talented!

  4. wow- congratulations!
    i adore that barn stamp. you're so clever!

  5. Fantastic classes and amazing stamp Maya. You are so very quick at picking up new skills. Geninne better watch out there may be a new stamping queen on the scene. Can't wait to see more.

  6. your classes look are such a great inspiration! and i love your barn stamp! i've just starting carving my own stamps, too (but too shy to show them, yet!)'s addictive, isn't it?!

  7. LOVE the barn stamp. Meaningful and iconic.

  8. What a great stamp! And I sooo wish I could attend your classes! You are very talented, and I love learning what I can from you!

  9. Oh Maya, I WISH that I lived on the same coast as you. I would be at your barn in a flash second!

  10. *Local* classes...? What about those of us who love you on the west coast??? Where is the love???

  11. Um, did I not ask you to check with my schedule first Miss Maya?

    BOO HOO, I am working those weekends! That's ok, You will make it up to me in my own private lesson...or at least a barn tour.

    But....I love the stamp...maybe I would rather come and learn how to do that instead.

    To anyone interested you will not be disappointed in the area!


  12. Thanks for the stamp love and all of your love for that matter! I wish I could be with you all! Karen~ yes, I know! the only weekends I could do it though. We'll have our time, promise!

  13. what a lovely barn stamp you made!!

  14. So great!!!! I would so love to be there!!!!! You are a treasure.


  15. wow.
    i can't believe my luck!
    not only am i free both of those weekends,
    i live 45minutes away!

    thank you so much maya,
    i can't wait to meet you
    in person!

  16. wow maya that stamp is sooo sweet! and when and if I ever come to New York....Ill let you know! would love to participate in your classes!

  17. hello maya, just found your blog via global mama. your barn classes sound fantastic! wish i were closer to ithaca!!