Friday, February 27, 2009

birds and leaves

I'm having spring fever! Two days in a row of weather in the 50's has left me with a constant smile and a desire for color and all things green! Two of the buckets featured today reflect both of those wishes and are a striking contrast to my usual aesthetic... I couldn't resist! I'm ready for leaves... I hear the birds returning. I had so much fun cutting into two very different kinds of coffee sacks. The top one is from Papua New Guinea and has a tropical bird grasping a coffee branch. Truly art! The long tail feathers stream down and around the bottom of the bucket. Stylized typography frame it on both sides.

The second spring bucket is from Guatemala.

I cut it so that the green coffee vines wrapped around from the front to the back.

I grounded it with the organic " labels" from the same sack on each side.

For various reasons, I won't get a chance to list the round buckets today, but I have 10 large ones waiting for your spring organizational needs! We're almost to March!

Edit: These two have just sold... happy almost spring to the recipients of these special buckets! Pin It


  1. I love the leaf bag - my favorite!

  2. I love these buckets. They're great, amazing how colourful and artistic coffee sacks can be.
    Take care.

  3. Well done these fabric buckets are a wonderful idea. I love Hessian.