Friday, February 6, 2009

sale day!

Happy Friday! I'm a bit swamped with the listing of all these fun burlap wares for my shop. 19 buckets were made for today! However, I must have left one up during the midnight hour with Etsy last night. Congratulations to Jay, who spotted it and nabbed quick as a wink! There will be 18 buckets and assorted other goods (like the cork boards) coming up at 11 am at designs maya*made. Not all will come up at once... might have a few stragglers at 11:30 or so... if you want to check back. Every purchase over the weekend will include a little handmade Valentine. Be back next week with more thrifty eco crafts for Valentine's Day.

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  1. You're so great! Hope you don't mind, I featured you today. :)

  2. i must get there immediately--ok...going now...

  3. uggh! i won;t be around this weekend to see!
    so sad...i love the plain one, first one at the it a large bucket? can i reserve one for the future?!
    big sigh...

  4. Can't quite believe it, but all of the large buckets are sold. I will be have more soon. Thanks so much everyone... I am so utterly grateful to everyone who came by today!

  5. congratulations on your great sales! and also on this : I saw your buckets on the front page treasury of Etsy! (you'll probably are sleeping now but here it's already morning) happy weekend!!

  6. Hello overthere,
    I just had alook at your etsy shop and found out that you live in New York Upstate! Where exactly do you live??? My aunt also lived there, in Saugerties. She passed away 11 years ago and I still miss her terribly. I used to visit her often and I loved the Catskill Mountains! Our family spent a wonderful time there and I really miss it.
    By the way, your buckets are cool,I liek the one with Hamburg on it,thats where I live near by!
    A big hello from Germany,

  7. WOW-that's a lot of buckets! They look fantastic! I also LOVED your newspaper bunting from earlier this week, I'll be linking.

  8. I love those buckets. I will be watching for new ones!