Friday, August 22, 2008

sew and tell

My children have always loved what I've made for them...they're my fan club and inspiration, all in one. But I must admit, the wonderful praise you've been singing has me dancing around the house...and my appreciation is so much bigger than a simple "thank you"!

This sleeping matryoshka doll is my new favorite print and I'm certain it will be followed up with more variations. I'm having sooooo much fun!

This little girl of mine is having a hard time letting me share with you (my sweet, typical 3 year old) and I can't help but signifies a success. She's very particular. She didn't even want it up on the clothes line...just wanted it on. She wore her new nightie until lunch time!

This night shirt was upcycled from her big brother's out grown long sleeve shirt.

Here's that owl I was telling you about. After seeing the owl T-shirt, my daughter so wanted a little owl baby of her own...this is from a rejected print on linen, but she loves him and puts him under her pillow to sleep.

After the owl baby was "born", my daughter quietly went into my studio and pointed to the exact fabric she'd love the mommy owl to be made from. Babies need mothers, after all. This mama owl is a bit psychedelic, but the eyes are really from the same print and I think it works in a wild sort of way. That girl is quite the designer.

Whether you're cooking, making, sewing, playing...I hope you have a wonderful and creative weekend!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! The owl's eyes are an inspired choice!

  2. I love how much your little 3 loves her nightshirt & her owl. Super cute.

  3. The nightshirt turned out just lovely, and it's adorable how she loves it so much! I think her momma owl is gorgeous! I love her tummy the most!

  4. love the jammie. precious, the last pic is so precious!

  5. Oh the owl and owlette are fabulous. the nightshirt print is so pretty, what a lucky little girl!

  6. That is so sweet! All small things do need mommies! Love that!

    I also love the comment you left on my blog this weekend. It was so sweet and so encouraging! It just filled me up. Thanks so much for being such an amazing supporter and source of inspiration!

  7. How sweet is that little sleeper!

  8. Oooooo--those are awesome! I love the T and those owls are fabulous. My two year is fascinated by owls too. She has a baby owl that her aunt made her from an Old Navy owl sock.

    Happy Fall y'all!

  9. maya here is the link to the t-shirt website i was talking about.

  10. how true about our children being our fans & inspiration. I love the look on their faces when I make anything for them! Beats any comments from anyone else!

  11. Love the little owls! Beautiful. Mama and baby.



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