Monday, July 7, 2008


This is a photo-laden post with few words. My mother and I joined the crowds for a free afternoon at MoMA. We spent most of our time on the floor of architecture and design, since that's our current passion. The first four shots are some of one my favorite parts of the museum-the floor heading towards the first flight of stairs. Yes, it's really the floor! Hope you have fun joining us for a mini tour!

click on image for enlargement

don't forget to click on images for close-up...especially the next one:

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  1. since I am nowhere near MoMA, I appreciate the tour more than you know...

  2. Oooh, thanks for sharing pictures. Jaylene thinks it's cool that those pictures are from the same place as the "Have you seen Art?" book by Jon Scieszka we read recently. It's about a boy waiting for his friend near MoMA and his friend happens to be named art and you can guess the fun mishaps that occur.

  3. That floor is so trippy--I get a different perspective of it every time I look at the photo. I don't remember there being so much textile art the last time I headed to a modern art museum--that was pre-kids, I think. Do you think that there is less of a distinction now between art and craft?