Tuesday, July 8, 2008

coming home

We're starting to settle back in. I'm such a homebody, and even though I LOVED our trip to New York City, I'm so happy to be back. The children also had a great weekend, but are loving being home in the country. Thrilled to have her dress-up selection at her finger tips, my daughter donned a crown and princess dress (garage sale special). Her celebratory mood captured how I've been feeling, perfectly! My son was ecstatic to discover that our wild black raspberries ( out here we call 'em black caps) had ripened over the weekend. July means picking black caps in pajamas for breakfast!
We have so many in our woods, but this year they have a new spot...our old chicken coop. We haven't had chickens for over four years, but we never took down the fencing around their yard (I secretly have hoped for more). The first couple of years it filled with weeds and we ignored it. Last year a few brambles sneaked in. This year, it's a wall-to-wall black cap explosion! We're calling it the "berry coop". I feel like their take-over is a bit of a berry coup! I couldn't resist that one!

We'll be spending a lot of time at the barn this week. We're preparing for the big open-house on Saturday. You'll all finally get the tour, then. There has been so much unpacking and changing things around this way and that. Wish us luck as we scramble to get it in order for this first public opening. The meadow was also a joy to come home to. The red and pink poppies are out in profusion!

Be back next time with a couple peeks into some great Brooklyn shops and wonderful street art/murals. Pin It


  1. Oh so great! I wish I could fly out and come to the open house! I discovered your blog only about a week or two ago and it has quickly risen to my list of favorites!
    Thanks for sharing...

  2. Happy to hear you made it back safely. I have to admit that if I had that idyllic country setting to get back to returing from vacation would feel pretty wonderful. You wouldn't happen to have another sweet barn nearby that I could move into would you? Seriously, I am so excited for the tour! Yippee!

  3. those red and pink poppies are so perfect! wow! how much fun you're kids must have :0)

  4. Oh what Beautiful poppies :)