Monday, June 2, 2008

welcome to june!

Oh happy June! I'm a summer girl (July b-day), so I just love this time of blooming, gardens growing, water splashing, popsicles melting!

It was all about that this weekend, with a few projects completed in between. Pin cushions are my new favorite thing and I made a little chocolate/aqua set that I will divide up as tiny gifts to a few friends. A few of you local readers are wondering if it might be you...maybe:)

I also finally finished up my daughter's dress deconstructed from an old T-shirt. Click here to see its beginnings. She loved it from the get go and has been wearing it so much that I never got around to the last touches. I had been unhappy with the neckline from the beginning and ended up ripping it out...caution: jersey and a seam ripper are not good friends! I created casing in a lightweight quilter's cotton and threaded a narrow piece of elastic through it. It slips right over her head, but still holds a nice crew neckline. Elastic feels like the perfect solution to working with jersey without a serger. Then I added coordinating pockets with a little rickrack and it's done. I'm happy with it and feel like I have a good dress pattern to springboard off of. I'll be rummaging through the t-shirt drawers this week!

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  1. OOOOOH!! I love everything about the dress (and the pincushions!!). The pockets are so divine, and you came up with such a great solution to the neckline issue. It's so completely wearable, and it would make a great pair of pajamas or a swim suit coverup for a mama.

  2. I love the beautiful green dress you made your daughter and the gorgeous pin cushions. Your photographs are fantastic. You had a very productive weekend.

  3. Love, love, love the dress! It makes me want to get my sewing machine out now...But, I can't sew! Off to class I am! Also, I loved the pegboard idea and made one for my son's room - red and he loves it! Thanks for the great posts and ideas!

  4. doodlebug, thanks for you blog missed you almost as much as I did while you were away! I'm very intrigued by your suggestion of a mama swimsuit coverup...hmmm

    margie, thanks for your sewing support and I'm honored to have a compliment about my photography from YOU...thank you!

    harried housewife, I'm so glad you like the experiment. I'm thrilled to hear you tried the pegboard. and I bet red looks perfect. Thanks for stopping in!

  5. I love your color and print combinations on those pretty pincushions. And the dress turned out lovely- how perfect for summer! I agree with doodlebug, I would wear that:)

  6. I can't use enough adjectives to describe how wonderful your creations are! Lovely indeed.