Friday, June 28, 2013

tyvek summer anklet

We are continuing to make something new, simple and fun every day. By keeping open-ended supplies at the ready, my eight year old is exploring materials in a way that just doesn't happen during the rest of the year. Right now there are no time constraints by from a serious schedule. Summer days... we love them!

 Tyvek and acrylic paints are inviting to any age crafter, but seem especially suited to my daughter's age group. After using my shredding scissors on a long strip...
she covered it in her current favorite shades of "sunset". Blending and mixing colors fascinates us both.
  After it dried I stitched a tiny piece of elastic to each end using my sewing machine. Sheslipped it onto her ankle. It's totally reminiscent of weekend festival wristbands... but with a personal twist and the ability to take it on and off. Also feels a little bit like moccasin fringe... something she loves! It's light and comfortable and might even hold up to all the water play around here.
Sweet, no?! Bracelets and necklaces next...
 Have a great weekend!
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