Monday, April 8, 2013


This was not my scheduled post for today, but I'm so buzzing with spring that my enthusiasm cannot be tamed! I can think of no better thing than shouting for joy to all of you about my favorite return of the sun and heat... the blue skies and flowers... the intoxicating feeling of bare skin being touched by fresh air!

Even if we dip back into the cooler temps, I've tasted it and my soul is thrilled. So are my running shoes, which had grown tired of the treadmill. I ran all winter indoors. I'm proud that I never stopped. 3-4 times a week meant that I'm faster and stronger than ever before. So yesterday when it occurred to me that I could return to my country road, I was curious how I'd perform.  But I can't even compare it to a gym run... I sprinted past promising corn fields and jogged by sweet horses... I sang out loud and danced in the middle of a deserted road. I laughed and celebrated the return of short sleeves and time spent outdoors. A blue heron soared over my shoulder, and I'm sure I heard many messages whispered on the wind that I had to run straight into on the way back home.

If and when you have some glorious weather... do go outside and soak it up. And even if you do not run... everyone can walk. Move your body outside this week... it's such a good  fabulous thing to do for yourself! 

 running down the road trying to loosen my load...
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  1. I can just see you sing away! THAT would be a glorious thing :)

    We definitely received a nice dose of Spring last week ... this week it will be the rain but that's okay! I have felt energized and buzzing with ideas/action. This weekend my girl was outside, sitting near the bird feeders holding her little disposable camera just waiting for a bird to come in close so she could make a picture. It was so cute. I sat with her, back to back, warm sunshine and birdsong surrounding us. I know her camera holds many tree shots with tiny specks that are birds :) Glorious, indeed.

    xo miss you!

  2. We skipped Spring in Phoenix and went straight to Summer. It's already in the 90's! I'd kill for some of your Spring! xx

  3. We had an outdoor brunch and play date this past Monday. It was glorious. Today though? I had to tackles over 50 wasps (if not more) taking over my front porch & back deck. It was a challange getting in and out of the house to say the least. You should of seen my littlest & I running for our lives as we tried to make a break for it to go pick up supies. Oh yes, hilarious indeed.

  4. I love this post! Behind my apartment is a nature preserve which is is right now filled with bluebonnets, pink Texas primrose and yellow wild mustard. So very stunning. In a few weeks blazing Mexican Firewheel and Queen Anne's Lace will bloom. Every day when I walk I soak in the majesty of it all!