Friday, April 5, 2013


 I'm finishing projects left undone- like this hand stamped organic pillow from years ago. I finally stuffed it with wool and lavender and hand stitched it with an invisible seam this morning. DONE! Ready to be mailed off to someone I love so much... especially since she was the one who always told me to finish a task and move on. 

As I'm going through my studio, I'm coming across many projects that need completing. I've made some rules for myself... perhaps they will help you if and when you do some clearing of your creative spaces.

-If I want to finish it, I must do so by the month's end. Get it done!
-If I am on the fence... it's "outa" here!
-If any part of a project weighs me down- it's definitely "outa" here! 

This process eliminates so much that I've tucked aways for a rainy day. Holding onto OLD ideas with such a crazy grip is tiring and takes up valuable real estate in my mind and my studio.

 I will admit- this is by far the hardest room to practice letting go. It tests me constantly. But I'm now so familiar with being challenged, that I'm handling it with a bit more grace than I used to. At the very least, it keeps me on my toes! Hope you have a BEAUTIFUL weekend!  Pin It


  1. That pillow is GORGEOUS, Maya! I don't suppose some lovely pillow cases might appear in your shop at some point? Maybe a standard size with a button or something so we could get our own inserts and you wouldn't have to do the hand-stitching or stuff it? Just thinking . . . so PRETTY! Lucky friend!

  2. It's a great pillow! Love the print you did on it.

    I have some creative spaces to clean up. I like your way of handling undone projects.

  3. *sigh*
    I miss my grandmothers. They are both long gone.
    You are lucky to have her and she is lucky to have you.
    She will love your gift.
    (I like her/your advice).
    Thank you.

  4. Finishing things left undone has been a big goal of mine these past couple of years. So much so that I started last year a "12 for 2012" list of crafty to-dos. I had so much success that I'm doing it again!

    1. love that idea! once a month feels like a great goal.

  5. Maya,
    I am a fairly new reader of your blog - I think I finally found my way here (after hearing references to your blog for years) right around the time when you started Honoring Hope (lovely and brave). Anyhow, I read this post this morning and caught up on a few I missed. I think I may have to abandon a project I "should" get done and whip up some camera straps - the perfect project right before our crew heads out tomorrow on a family field trip!

    Thank you for sharing your gift of creating beauty and REINVENTION....

  6. It's absolutely lovely; pale and just right. You are right, letting go of things is very freeing and energising. If only I had the time to declutter properly...

  7. I like your strategy and really need to apply it to my giant pile of knitting WIPs. There are some that I really do want to finish and others that just feel like an annoying burden. I just need to frog those and move on.

    Also, I finally picked up a copy of your book today! I just adore it :).

  8. The pillow is beautiful! And thanks...I just pulled out all my yarn and filled a bag to offer to someone else, just keeping enough for me to knot hats for Craft Hope's latest project. I agree, sometimes undone projects can weigh you down and releasing them is very freeing.