Monday, February 11, 2013


Every single day I bundle up, pull on my tall boots, and put on my work gloves. I race outside in the chilly early morning light with a saucepan of boiling water, my log carrier, and kitchen scraps. It's chore time!  Chickens need their water thawed, the fire needs tending, and the compost is situated on the way. During the week, it's a scramble. I literally am running to the barn with hot water sloshing so that I can get back up to the house to make breakfasts, lunches and all of the other details that happen on school days.  I always enjoy it, hustle and all, but never get to savor it until the end of the day- when I repeat the process (minus the compost), but with a little bit more time. 

But weekends are different... the chickens patiently wait as I take my time.
Yesterday's exquisite blue sky and fresh blanket of snow inspired me to bring my camera. I walked slowly. I stopped and listened. My eyes took in the big picture and sought out the tiny details. I breathed in gratitude for what is simple and good. I released the stresses that seemed so much smaller under a wide open sky.

When I slow down like this, I often find surprising little presents. Yesterday, there were diamonds dancing in the snow!
On the return walk, I gathered up the beauty, the stillness, and the sunshine (along with my firewood) to bring inside. Documenting these little everyday moments always reminds me of how fortunate I am. Clearly, that's a good thing. So, if there's something that you do regularly each day (or week) that brings you a bit of pleasure... grab your camera. Capture it all through the lens of gratitude. 
Have a great start to your week!
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  1. There is something really fulfilling about those little morning chores, isn't there? Mine are similar, stoke the fire, feed the chickens, let the ducks out, gather eggs. Those are happy quiet moments in my day. The simple act of tending.

    Thank you for my extra goodies with the book. I opened them for my birthday and was all "Awwwwww...that Maya". Thank you. xo

  2. I love morning, the bringing of a new day. You expressed your feelings of your morning so well, I felt I was there with you. It doesn't take much for some happiness.

  3. Thank you for reminding me to enjoy things I've been grumbling about, those everyday "chores" that get so monotonous - I'm going to change my attitude and look for the good and pretty in everything! xo

  4. Just beautiful Maya - I also strive to find beauty in all the ordinary of my repetitive daily tasks.
    Thank you for sharing. Wishing you a week full of blessings,

  5. i just love your blog. You are bringing people a lot of pleasure with your honesty and appreciation of everything lovely in life!

  6. that brilliant blue sky makes me want to cry and sing!

  7. so magical... Sun + snow + little diamonds sparkling in the sunlight... what more can you want!

  8. ohhhh my! how magical! I long for this fluffy snow being down in Florida...