Thursday, February 28, 2013


Thanks for all of your skirt enthusiasm yesterday, as well as your familiarity with that specific guilt associated with self-care. I think I'm over it! So many things I want to make, now that I'm giving myself a little permission.

 I'm really excited to keep working on this appliqué style with wool. It began rather spontaneously, but seems to want to keep evolving. I didn't include a close up shot so that you could understand the process and see the details of the stitching.  There was a request for just that, so here's the best I have from the photo shoot. I think it gives you some sense of it. One line of stitching throughout including each leaf. I used a feather stitch, but any stitch would do the job. I know I will need to hand wash it, but being wool,  I'd be doing that anyway!
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  1. LOVE it! And yes - more for YOU!

  2. woooh i like it!
    ohhh me gusta!

  3. This is really lovely. Thank you. I just need to lose enough baby weight to do a skirt justice again.
    Your blog is fab & an inspiration.
    You go girl!