Friday, January 11, 2013

mini retreat

I ran out of windowsills to set my next round of paper whites on. So my last pot went right next to the sink (near a window). It was an unintentional gift. I'd like to tell you that I planned on something so marvelous, but truly didn't realized it until this morning over the breakfast dishes. They are almost in full bloom and greet me cheerfully every time I come to the sink.

We don't have a dishwasher so anything that makes my job a little sweeter is recognized as a small miracle. I can't believe I've never done this before. Granted it's a tight squeeze, but it will now be my new tradition.

I'm sure you've heard how bringing your focus to even the most everyday task can be a form of meditation and source of peace. Well, fresh blooming flowers over dirty dishes seems to transform the task into a mini zen retreat! At a buck a bulb, this is one indulgence that I plan on giving myself regularly. Go hunt down some flowers or bulbs for beside your kitchen sink this weekend! Simple goodness. Pin It


  1. My last amaryllis bloom fell over a few days ago (I cut it off and put it in water to hold on to it a few more days). Today I brought home a little hyacinth from the grocery that should open soon. It's on the ledge over my sink where I can see it many, many times a day. It's one of those little things that feel like a sweet luxury. Treat yourself well, Maya. You deserve it!
    (Guess what? I'll be making a Squam Sling with you in June!)

    1. You just made my weekend! I'm so excited that not only do I get to see you again, but spend another day together! I feel so blessed, Dianne. You have touched my life deeply since our first workshop together. How sweet to have more real life time with you. Printing and sewing this time!!

  2. I had an orchid by my kitchen sink last winter. What a treat! It looks like it's going to send up another bloom again! Enjoy your retreat.